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Demo for Bunker Builder Simulator Live on Steam

Bunker Builder Simulator Demo

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Building bunkers?! Sign me up! If I can’t physically build one, I’ll at least build a virtual one to both entertain myself and slowly learn how to prepare for a post-apocalyptic world. Thanks to the folks over at Games Incubator, we’ll be able to do just that very soon. Let’s take a look at the demo’s details for Bunker Builder Simulator.

Bunker Builder Simulator Demo now on Steam

We now have access to 30 minutes of gameplay in the demo edition of the game, which includes both the tutorial and the first mission. In the demo of Bunker Builder Simulator, the mission is to first plan out our task, then dig a hole, and last construct a bunker that can withstand anything. 

Bunker Builder Simulator
Image: Games Incubator

In this single player game, you are entrusted with building different kinds of bunkers at the request of your customers, and one day you may even become the finest architect and make a fortune from doing so. As per a press release about the demo, the game developers say “We start our adventure in the client gardens, and our first job is to dig a hole, provide a stable foundation, cut boards, screw in screws, proper arrangement of walls, as well as the proper management of space inside.” which sounds pretty chill for a game about preparing for the worst.

You will be responsible for cutting, flooding with cement, and plastering, to name just a few of the upcoming chores. After some time, you will obtain better tools that will enable you to work more swiftly, which will result in you taking on more contracts and becoming wealthy more rapidly. The perfect game to get absorbed in for a whole weekend if you ask me!

Right now, players can expect to spend around thirty minutes actually playing the game, but Games Incubator has said that the game’s prologue will be released very soon, so now is the time to construct bunkers that will protect you from any potential threats!

About Games Incubator

Games Incubator SA is both a developer and a publisher of video games for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. They focus on creating games with a budget ranging from moderate to minimal expense, and they try to do it with the assistance of both their own in-house development teams and those of other companies.

The company is now working on a dozen different productions that are developed by several teams of developers situated in Poland and other countries. 

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