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The 100 Season 6 Episode 9 Review: I’m Still in Denial About the Heartbreaking Episode

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I loved this week’s episode of The 100, and I’m not ready to believe a certain story about a much-beloved character – which is why I’ve come up with a million reasons why there’s a big plot twist coming. This recap and review of “What You Take With You” will definitely have spoilers, so only read on after you’ve seen the episode.

It was another phenomenal week for The 100, which I have to say has surpassed Fear the Walking Dead in terms of plot intrigue right now. Both are post-apocalyptic shows that I enjoy, but The 100 is throwing out twists, turns, and intriguing scifi elements that I’m still figuring out. I love the complexity.

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But this week brought an unexpected twist that I’m still bitter about. Kane is gone. 🙁 Marcus Kane was transferred into a new body, and I was very intrigued by the possibilities of Kane navigating the world like this. But Kane decided it was against his moral code, so he took the nightblood technology and had Indra space him. (Welcome back Indra! Welcome to hell. 😕)

I don’t think Kane’s death was necessary. The young man had already willingly given his life for Kane’s, so it seems like Kane’s best move to honor that man would have been to fight to end the Primes’ rule, just like Gabriel is doing. But Kane decided it was better to die, and off he went.

Did any other Lost fans think of this scene when Kane was being spaced?

I’m determined to believe that he is NOT gone forever, despite Henry Ian Cusick moving on to Macgyver. The main reason is that his body is spaced, which means the mind drive is not destroyed even if the body is dead. And if his body is retrieved before it re-enters the atmosphere and burns up, he could be brought back in some form. (Heck, maybe they could even gather together the tech to clone Kane’s original body!)

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Alert viewers have pointed out that the show made a point of showing the anomaly near Kane when he was spaced. I really hope that comes into play with Kane’s future somehow and he’s not truly gone.

The show had other intriguing storylines, even though I’m focusing on Kane. Octavia’s return from the anomaly was major news to Gabriel, but even with Gabriel’s weird concoction, she didn’t come back from her “trip” with anything useful for him. She still doesn’t remember what happened in the anomaly or why her hair is no longer a crazy mess and she looks so fresh and healthy. During her “trip” she just killed her Bloodreina side and is seeking redemption. So nothing useful for Gabriel. But the scenes with Octavia and Pike, and reliving Lincoln’s death, were pretty intense. I sometimes forget about the trauma Octavia endured when Lincoln died, but that’s probably because everyone is dealing with tons of trauma now on the show.

I agree with Gabriel that she was likely in that anomaly for a while (but obviously not too long, since she looks younger, if anything.) I have a feeling that Diyoza’s daughter Hope is going to come back out of the anomaly as a young adult herself. Whether or not that means Diyoza will live is another question entirely. I personally think Hope’s going to replace her.

And those scenes with Bellamy and Josephine-Clarke were great. I like how Josephine described them as besties with a really confusing relationship. I still don’t think that Bellamy and Clarke will ever be a couple unless something happens to Echo. Bellamy and Echo have years invested in their relationship at this point and Bellamy is very loyal. Fans will just have to be happy with knowing that the chemistry they picked up on was real, since Morley and Taylor are married now in real life and super adorable together. 🙂

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