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Crazy Finn and The 100: Season 2 Episode 7

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(Haven’t seen Crazy Finn and The 100 Season 2 Episode 7? You can watch it on Amazon Instant right here.)

I’m a little late posting about last week’s episode of The 100… But I really just have one main message that I’ve got to get off my chest:

Get rid of Crazy Finn!

I don’t mean to be mean or anything, but seriously… The Grounders are willing to work with “The Sky People” in exchange for Finn. Blood for blood. Sure, Finn might have reacted due to some major PTSD since they were just in a major war with the Grounders like two days ago. But he did kill (slaughter) elderly people and children, all in the name of his search for Clarke.

Crazy Finn: I Found You Clarke - The 100

If it’s Finn’s life vs. the possibility of tons of other people dying, I say let Finn go. Just hand him over.

Finn's life vs. lots of innocents... Give Finn to the Grounders. #The100 Share on X

What do you think?

What’s Wrong with Finn Anyway? 

OK, some people are saying that Finn has an advanced form of PTSD and that’s why he’s turned so completely crazy. It sounds feasible. I mean, in their chronology, the Grounders just tried to exterminate them about a week ago. In reality, no one should be trusting the Grounders anymore than they’re trusting Mount Weather. But hey, I’m not on the planet stranded.

Finn’s descent into crazy is more shocking because he started out as such a peace-loving character. He was the person with the moral high ground in Season 1 (well, except for the whole Raven/Clarke thing… I mean, how can  you fall in love with someone instantly and abandon your long-time girlfriend, who gave up everything to come to Earth to help you?)

The choices we have for Finn are either: PTSD, Secretly Insane All Along, or Obsessively Insane Over Clarke. Here are the arguments for each:

PTSD: Everything happened in just a couple weeks. The Grounders just slaughtered a bunch of his people. It’s not completely surprising that someone unaccustomed to violence would snap when he sees a Grounder start to run, after what he’s been through.

Secretly Insane All Along: It’s possible, but the writers didn’t give us much reason for believing it. They didn’t hint in Season 1 that he might be secretly crazy. I’m not going with this theory.

Obsessively Insane Over Clarke: I’m voting for this Fatal Attraction-esque Story. First, see my earlier comment about how easily he gave up Raven. Now think back to his time in the bunker with Clarke, when he gave her the watch that he got off the Grounder he murdered. And then remember how he slaughtered the Grounders because they “might” have Clarke, and how he somehow believed the slaughter helped him find her. If they don’t get rid of Finn now, I’m betting we’ll see him try to kill Bellamy at some point if #Bellarke starts to progress.

Finn doesn't have PTSD, he's insanely obsessed with Clarke. #Bellarke #The100 Share on X

Pet Peeve: You Left Me There to Die

OK, this is my pet peeve of the moment… The number of times one of the original 100 tell an adult “you sent me to the ground to die.” Did they really send them to die? Yes, the oxygen levels were getting too low to sustain everyone. But didn’t Jaha and Abby send their kids for an additional reason — because they knew things were going to get bad on the station soon anyway, and they thought their children’s best chance of survival was on Earth? That’s how I remember it. They didn’t send them to Earth to die, but to have a better chance at living. (Although it really didn’t work out too well for Jaha’s son…)

Murphy vs. Finn

I’m not sure why I’m so much angrier at Finn than Murphy. Murphy was seriously messed up during Season 1. I still wouldn’t trust him and don’t think anyone else should either. And yet, Finn’s trespasses (terrible as they are) are seriously overshadowing Murphy’s messed up past. I don’t think that just because Finn has descended into madness, it should give Murphy a pass, do you?

Murphy is somehow more liked than Finn. @the100Writers are brilliant Share on X

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