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Is Tales of the Walking Dead on Amazon, Hulu or Netflix?

Tales of the Walking Dead

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So you’re probably heard by now how Tales of the Walking Dead is taking over the internet, and even might be wondering how they are going to depict a walker-filled world, 35 years after the fact. Or maybe you’re just wondering how you can watch it without going on the AMC+ website. Well, we’ve got you covered if you’re wondering if Tales of the Walking Dead is on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix.

You Can Stream Tales of the Walking Dead on Amazon Video

You may watch ToTWD online through streaming on YoutubeTV in addition to Amazon Prime Video if you have an AMC+ membership. It is common for the latter to provide free trials and discounted prices to new customers; so you should make it a point to investigate whether or not this is an option for you. 

It is also available on other services like AppleTV, Sling, and Roku. Check it out if you have one of these subscriptions so you don’t miss the premiere on August 14!

Tales of the Walking Dead
Tales of the Walking Dead. Credit: IMDB

Is Tales of the Walking Dead on Netflix?

What should you do if you’re interested in watching Tales of the Walking Dead on Netflix? This is not a choice that can be made in the United States.

You will either need to subscribe to AMC+ via Amazon Prime, get AMC+ separately, or sign up for the options above with Live TV.

It’s possible that things are handled differently in other countries, so double-check with your cable provider.

Is Tales of the Walking Dead on Hulu?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the series is going to hit Hulu anytime soon. At first, I was a bit surprised since most of The Walking Dead spinoffs are available on Hulu, but after a quick search on the platform, we can confirm that it isn’t. Perhaps it will be there in the future after the series begins to air, so keep an eye out for it!

Tales of the Walking Dead
Tales of the Walking Dead. Credit: IMDB.

What Can We Expect in This New Series?

Set within the world of The Walking Dead, Tales of the Walking Dead is an anthology series that is told in an episodic format and centres on both new and established characters.

And with Terry Crews being one of the actors in the first episode, you can probably expect something a little different this time around, with humor being a big player on the screen. 

You can also expect old characters to return to the screen, like Alpha and Lydia as shown in the preview. This is going to be very exciting to explore the character development of the mother and daughter duo we used to love/hate in The Walking Dead.  

It is produced by AMC and written by Scott M. Dimple. Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey, Terry Crews, Poppy Liu, and Daniella Pineda appear in this new series. 

Tales of the Walking Dead is based on The Walking Dead, a comic book by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. The comic debuted in 2003 and lasted for 193 issues until abruptly ending in 2019. 

What are you most excited about? And which service will you be watching this new series on? Let us know!

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