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How to Watch Chainsaw Man’s English Dub Online: Is It on Hulu or Amazon?

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Chainsaw Man’s dub is finally almost here, and it’s releasing a little sooner than dubs have released for other animes, like Attack on Titan. But just where can you go to stream the English dub, and is it on Hulu? Here are all the details. 

Here’s Where You Can Stream Chainsaw Man’s Dub

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Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)

While sub watchers are already on Chainsaw Man’s third episode, the English dub is just now about to drop. According to Crunchyroll, the dub drops on Tuesday, October 25 at 12:30 p.m. Pacific. In other time zones, this is 1:30 p.m. Mountain/2:30 p.m. Central/3:30 p.m. Eastern. 

And right now, the only place that U.S. viewers can stream the dub is on Crunchyroll. 

To watch Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll: Click here to go to Crunchyroll’s Chainsaw Man page. Scroll down and you should see S1 and the subtitled episodes. The dub will be added to this page once it’s available. 

Crunchyroll also offers free trials for those who’ve never had a free trial before. You can find the free trial options here. They include 14-day free trials for Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan accounts. All three include no ads. This can be a good way to test the platform and see if you like watching the dub on there. 

Is the Chainsaw Man Dub on Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Other Streaming Platforms?

At this time, it looks like the English dub is only going to be on Crunchyroll, and you won’t be seeing it anytime soon on Hulu, Amazon Prime, or a different streaming platform. Please note that Hulu has not confirmed this, but it seems to be the case based on all the details we could find. 

Hulu’s press page has always listed October 11 as the date that the subtitled episodes of Chainsaw Man would begin to drop on the streaming platform. But the schedule doesn’t mention anything about the Chainsaw Man dubs, nor does the schedule for November

However, as one person pointed out, cast from the English dub are mentioned on Hulu’s Chainsaw Man page:

This seems to indicate that the English dub will eventually be available on Hulu, even though it’s not currently mentioned anywhere in Hulu’s press schedule. 

It’s likely this means that Hulu will get the English dub at a later date. It might mirror how things work with Attack on Titan, which is also a MAPPA anime. For Attack on Titan, Hulu gets the English sub episodes at the same time that Crunchyroll gets them. But Hulu doesn’t get the dub episodes until sometime after all the dubs for a season have aired on Crunchyroll.

So while we can’t confirm this, it’s more than likely that it will be some time before the English Chainsaw Man dubs drop on Hulu, based on Hulu’s official schedule and how it handles the Attack on Titan dubs vs Crunchyroll. 

As for Amazon Prime, it may eventually drop there too, but you’ll likely be waiting even longer. (Note: The following two links are affiliate links.) Right now, only Chainsaw Man Episode 1 is available on Amazon Prime, and that is just the Japanese version without subtitles or dubs. Amazon Prime does have the dubs for Attack on Titan, so it will likely add the Chainsaw Man dubs at some point in the future. 

In summary, if you’re wanting to see the English dub right away online, the only place to stream it on October 25 is Crunchyroll. 

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