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What Time Does Chainsaw Man’s Third Episode Air?

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 (MAPPA)

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Chainsaw Man Episode 3 is finally almost here! The second episode was phenomenal, and we were introduced to two new characters who are really intriguing. Whether you’re an anime-only viewer or a viewer who already read the manga, you’ll no doubt want to know exactly what time Chainsaw Man Episode 3 premieres on Tuesday, October 25. Here’s exactly when the episode drops, in different time zones, so you can watch it right when it’s available.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 3 Premieres Around Lunchtime on Tuesday, Depending on Your Time Zone

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 will first premiere at 12 a.m. JST on television in Japan. This is about an hour ahead of when it drops in the U.S. So you’ll want to steer clear of social media, including YouTube, to avoid spoilers. (YouTube channels are notorious for putting major spoilers in the thumbnails, so this is especially important if you’re an anime-only viewer.)

As for the United States times, the episode drops on Tuesday, October 25, at 9 a.m. Pacific, according to Crunchyroll. It drops at the same time on Hulu. Just keep in mind that this is the time the English sub premieres, not the dub, which is airing on a later date. 

Here’s a quick rundown of when Episode 3 is available in different time zones, all of which are on Tuesday: 

  • 9 a.m. Pacific (aka the West coast, including California) 
  • 10 a.m. Mountain
  • 11 a.m. Central
  • 12 p.m. Eastern
  • 6 a.m. in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 8 a.m. in Anchorage, Alaska

So if you’re on the East coast, then the episode will be airing around lunchtime for you. But if you’re on the West coast, it’s going to be dropped in the late morning. 

How to Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 3 Online

If you want to watch Chainsaw Man’s subtitled episodes in the U.S., it’s on two streaming platforms: Crunchyroll and Hulu. It’s not on Funimation, because that platform is being merged with Crunchyroll and will be shut down at some point in the future. So if you want to stream legally (which we suggest) those are your only two options. 

Looking Back at Episode 2

You can check out our full review of Episode 2 here, but a quick recap is below. 

This episode was a great mix of a dystopian, dark world with some much-needed comedic, lighthearted moments. And everything about the episode made us just want to root for Denji even more. 

Much of the story centered around Denji’s new crush on Makima. The beautiful woman rescued him and helped him understand what’s happening to him, so of course he’s now in love with her. She also seems to be manipulating him because she knows how he feels. (For example, telling him that her type is the “Denji” type.) 

He also went back and forth between being completely in love with Makima and wondering if maybe she has a darker side and he should be more cautious. 

Denji is now officially working for Public Safety. According to Makima, the group has “the best benefits and a lot of paid vacation time.” He’s part of the Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4, which uses people with unusual powers who might otherwise be wiped out by Public Safety. But Makima warns him that if they don’t perform well, they won’t last. (She also warns him that if he tries to escape Public Safety, he’ll be killed. So he really doesn’t have any freedom.) 

He meets Aki Hayakawa, who is the head of this new division, and his partner Power. Interestingly, Power is a Fiend (aka a devil who took over the body of a human.) But she’s rational (and quite powerful, hence her name), so they’re using her skills in the division. 

It all makes for an intriguing foundation to what promises to be an excellent, action-packed season. 

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