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Even Stephen King is Pissed About the Cancellation of Y: The Last Man

Stephen King

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The recent cancellation of FX’s Y: The Last Man during its first season caught most viewers by surprise, but one notable fan took to his 6.5-million-follower Twitter account to express his disappointment.

“Is Y THE LAST MAN really canceled? Please say not,” Legendary horror author Stephen King tweeted on Monday. “Although far from perfect (and some of the scenes are so dark you can’t tell who’s talking), it’s one of the most interesting shows on TV. C’mon, Hulu…or somebody… don’t leave me hanging.”

While most of his Twitter followers who commented agreed with his surprise, some did not. The majority of the comments on his tweet addressed the new graphic novel adaptation as “good tv” and “damn good storytelling,” but others pointed out issues that have plagued the series since the beginning, calling it everything from “outdated” to “transphobic.”

Y: The Last Man was cancelled last month right toward the end of the inaugural season. While that first season finished up (and just ended last night), the future of the story remains up in the air. With the TV series representing an adaptation of the 60-episode comics, there’s still so much more to tell.

But hope remains that it will still get picked up by someone. Commenters on Stephen King’s thread have even (half-)joked about King himself taking over. “If the show IS cancelled, I see an opportunity for you to provide an ending as you see fit,” one King fans comments. “I’m sure the rest of your fans would love that too. Something to think about…”

While some wild speculation swirled around the cancellation at first, it turned out to be a simple matter of budget, contract deadlines, and a lack of rating reports from Hulu that sealed the show’s fate.


If Y: The Last Man ever does get picked back up, I imagine that it will be a big hit at first as everyone is curious about the attention the show has garnered during this cancellation. But no official word has come from any of the big streaming services regarding a life preserver for the show. We’ll keep you updated!

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