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Where’s Snowpiercer this Week? When to Watch the Season 2 Finale

Josie in Snowpiercer

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At the end of last Monday’s epic episode of Snowpiercer, TNT dropped a bomb letting us know that we’d have to wait an extra week for the two-part finale on March 29th. Of course, some fans were a bit disappointed, but the rest of us know that it will be well worth it.

“Where do we go from here?” The TV show’s Twitter account spilled the bad news last Monday just as we were recovering from another Wilford-fest episode. “Return for the TWO PART Snowpiercer finale, airing in two weeks on March 29th.”

But why? Well, the main reason is March Madness. The NCAA basketball finals are ramping up and you know how it is with sports, right? Yep, everything else stops for sports. The TNT Network is airing the Alabama vs. Maryland game during that Snowpiercer time slot and that’s apparently serious business. But I don’t really see this as a bad thing because we now have an extra week to build excitement for two full episodes back-to-back. Hold my calls, Jeeves!

Episode 8 of Season 2 was a big one where we saw Wilford (Sean Bean) take control of Snowpiercer for the first time in over seven years. And with the entirety of Season 2 laying down Wilford’s flawed character storyline, it was especially painful to see everything end up this way.

But wait! It’s not over ’till it’s over, as they say, so these final two episodes should either turn things around for Team Melanie and Team Layton, or drive the stake deeper into our hearts.

What Can We Expect in Episodes 9 and 10?
So far, all we have to tide us over is a short little promo video that was tacked on to the end of Episode 8 (see video below) and a brief description on the Episode 9 blurb for IMDB that says, “Those who are close with Layton grow anxious to learn their fates; Josie tests her newfound ability.”

So the first part of that is easy: people are looking to Layton more than ever to pull them out of this terrible situation with Wilford taking over the train. Can Layton turn things around? It looks like he’ll be enlisting the help of Ruth to take the reins while he’s locked up on Big Alice, which is a great plot twist. She was so hardcore on Team Wilford all along, and she’ll be a powerful ally against him in the end.

And the second part of that blurb that mentions Josie is especially interesting because we saw her newfound ability in the last episode: synthetic skin that can withstand extreme cold. I touched on this in my Episode 8 write-up, teasing that it would be pretty spectacular if Josie ends up being the one who walks off Snowpiercer to save Melanie at the research facility.

So I’m predicting a slight turn-around in favor of Layton, but overall, Wilford will still dominate this finale. There needs to be that all-hope-is-lost cliffhanger to make us all go insane until Season 3, but Melanie and Layton will come back to win the game in Season 3. Don’t you worry.

How to keep yourself busy while waiting for March 29th:

– Rewatch Seasons 1 and 2
– Reread all of my episode recaps from both seasons
– Follow Snowpiercer on social media
– Watch the Ned Stark beheading scene in Game of Thrones S1E9
– Watch Boromir get plugged full of arrows in The Fellowship of the Ring
– Watch Alec Trevelyan fall to his death in Goldeneye

OK, you get the idea. Sean Bean is a master at dying, and we need to prepare ourselves for his eventual theatrical destiny.

Snowpiercer will return at 9/8c on TNT for the big two-hour finale.

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