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Fallout 76 Teases Major Improvements for 2021

Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 caught a lot of grief when it first launched in 2018, but regular updates and patches have kept the online game going for the hardcore fans who are still quite dedicated to it. Luckily for those fans, Bethesda has laid out a road map that shows some promising improvements to the game in 2021.

Fallout 76 Roadmap

The plan for the year is broken down into four seasons of patches with the first one being for Spring. The game will introduce new rewards and challenges to the Scoreboard like cosmetics and consumables, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. loadouts to save your attribute builds, C.A.M.P. slots, mannequins, and a new Daily Ops expansion. We’ll also see the return of Armor Ace.

While there is yet to be a release date for this Spring update, it’s now available to play on the public test server.

As for the Summer update, it should bring the conclusion of the Brotherhood of Steel’s questline that was introduced with the Steel Dawn expansion last year with more quests, locations, NPCs, and rewards. This Steel Reign update will also bring the ability to craft new Legendary items using Legendary modules.

The Fall update isn’t as detailed just yet, but it does mention an improvement to Private Worlds. Another Daily Ops expansion is also planned to “bring you more ways to play.”

And finally, the Winter update will have a big focus on Legendary gear with all-new four-star Legendary Weapons and Armor. There will also be the Ritual seasonal event that involves the Cultists of Appalachia, a new Public Challenge, and C.A.M.P. pets!

Bethesda even took to Reddit yesterday for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) to clarify bits of this roadmap for fans. In a nutshell, they explained that private world changes will be more about server settings than actual content or mods. They also teased more PvP elements and hardcore survival elements in those private worlds.

You can read a much-appreciated summary of the key points from the AMA on Reddit for more information.

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