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Post-Apocalyptic Mario Kart is Exactly What Nintendo Fans Need

SNL Mario Kart Pedro Pascal

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Saturday Night Live’s skits are often often on point, and this was no different with this past weekend’s post-apocalyptic Mario Kart, starring Pedro Pascal. Fans were quick to gather to social media to ask that this spoof of ‘HBO’s’ Mario Kart become reality.

Pedro Pascal as Mario in a Post-Apocalyptic Mario Kart

The post-apocalyptic Mario Kart spoof on Saturday Night Live is set in a world after a cataclysmic disaster. Mario, who is played by Pedro Pascal, must avoid real-life obstacles, battle the well-known monsters from the Mario universe, and outsmart their opponents in order to reach the Rainbow Road. The main characters are presented as survivors competing in a Mario Kart race to the Rainbow Road, but with a twist: the weapons and power-ups are now actual weapons, and the racers must cross a dangerous, post-apocalyptic terrain to win. The sketch takes a lighthearted look at the notion of a Mario Kart game set in a dark and deadly universe. 

Post-Apocalyptic Mario Kart
Image: SNL

The skit also says that it was produced by HBO, which Pedro Pascal has a strong history with. From Game of Thrones to the now popular series The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal is no stranger to action scenes, and people on social media were quick to ass that he would make a better Mario than Chris Pratt, who currently is cast as Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

SNL post-apocalyptic Mario Kart

Here is the video in question.

Pedro Pascal Was Hosting SNL on Saturday

Pedro Pascal is a Chilean-American actor and is most recognized for his performances in television series and films such as “Game of Thrones,” “Narcos,” “The Mandalorian,” and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” Of course you’ll recognize him as Joel from HBO’s newest series, The Last of Us. Pascal’s performances have gained critical praise, and he has established himself as a well-known personality in the entertainment sector.

While hosting SNL, Pascal started with a short monologue that sparked laughter while he talked about The Mandalorian and other shows he’s taken part in. He was able to charm the public with the many skits he starred in, and that comes as no surprise.

What is Mario Kart About?

Mario Kart is a famous video game series that features Mario world characters racing in go-kart races. Players control their avatars as they race through several courses, gaining an edge over their opponents and attempting to reach the finish line first. The games are well-known for its fast-paced action and multiplayer feature, which enables players to compete against one another.

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