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RIP Bellarke: Is Bellarke Dead Forever? Take Our Poll

RIP Bellarke?

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So… Did we just watch Bellarke officially die on Season 5 Episode 9? Some fans are kind of thinking we did. How can you come back from what happened? (Spoilers, of course, for S05E09 below.) 

Just as a quick recap… Bellamy took one for the team and risked possibly killing his sister so that he could stop a war that would likely kill the rest of his family (family that Clarke loves too.) He also did it to help save Madi from having to fight in that war.

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Then the Grounders decide they want to go to war anyway. Clarke just wants to take off and run away with Madi.  (She doesn’t seem worried about her mom at all, by the way… Just an interesting side note here…) Bellamy tells her that part of their family is going to die if they don’t find a way to stop the war. Madi and the chip is their last hope. Clarke won’t go for that, so Bellamy chains her up. No one forces the chip on Madi, they give her a choice. She takes it. (I think the Grounder in her and her nightblood heritage is pretty strong.) Clarke is furious and slaps Bellamy, leaving him to die while she runs off with Madi, killing someone who is loyal to Madi along the way…

So anyway… This is a lot to process, but some fans are saying they really don’t see how Bellarke can rise from the ashes of this one. (Not to mention that Bellamy already has this six year relationship established with Echo, which would be weird to end outside of tragedy leading to Echo’s death and leaving Bellamy free… But that’s another story.) Other fans think there’s still a chance, and this was just another obstacle on the road to happiness.

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Do you think Bellarke is dead forever?

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