Top Post-Apocalyptic Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day apocalyptic deals

Amazon Prime day has just started and it lasts through tomorrow night, July 17. You might want to catch some great deals that are available only to Prime members. It’s a global shopping event that lets Prime members get deals across the website, with new deals popping up every five minutes. Here are some creative ways that you can use Amazon Prime day to help build your post-apocalyptic collection (or maybe come up with some gift ideas for others!) If you’re not a Prime member but want to join to take advantage of the savings, just click here to sign up for a free 30 day Prime trial. Click on any of the links in the story below to visit the Prime Day products we’re discussing. New specials are constantly being added, so we’ll be adding more deals as we find them.

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Post-Apocalyptic Books with Prime Day Specials

First and foremost, a bunch of post-apocalyptic themed books are offering Prime Day Deals. These include the Annihilation book trilogy, which I highly recommend because the movie itself was phenomenal.

Also on special is The Book of the Unnamed Midwife. With a rating of 4.5 stars out of 535 reviews, this looks like a strong Prime Day choice. The synopsis reads: “When she fell asleep, the world was doomed. When she awoke, it was dead. In the wake of a fever that decimated the earth’s population—killing women and children and making childbirth deadly for the mother and infant—the midwife must pick her way through the bones of the world she once knew to find her place in this dangerous new one. Gone are the pillars of civilization. All that remains is power—and the strong who possess it… To preserve her freedom, she dons men’s clothing, goes by false names, and avoids as many people as possible. But as the world continues to grapple with its terrible circumstances, she’ll discover a role greater than chasing a pale imitation of independence.” Also on special is Meg Elison’s book “The Book of Etta,” about the same plague and life after.

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (The Road to Nowhere)
Price: $2.49
You save: $3.96 (26 %)
26 new from $2.4931 used from $3.13

Then there’s Extracted, Volume 1 of a trilogy by RR Haywood. The synopsis reads, in part: “In 2061, a young scientist invents a time machine to fix a tragedy in his past. But his good intentions turn catastrophic when an early test reveals something unexpected: the end of the world. A desperate plan is formed. Recruit three heroes, ordinary humans capable of extraordinary things, and change the future.”

Or you might want to try The Beachhead by Christopher Mari. The synopsis reads: “After Earth is decimated, the entire remaining human population is marooned on an unfamiliar beach. The enigmatic winged Orangemen leave the survivors with instructions to remake their society, basic tools and weapons, and a few thousand books, including Bibles in many languages. As two generations are born and raised, conflicting theories as to the nature of the apocalypse continue to simmer. Fifty years later, the arrival of a new family that shouldn’t exist threatens the delicate peace holding humanity together. Two young soldiers, John Giordano and Kendra McQueen, venture into the unexplored wilderness beyond the city walls in search of answers. But their disquieting discoveries only raise more questions, forcing mankind to reconsider what it means to be human.”

Or try Outage, a book with 4.5 stars out of 170 reviews. The synopsis reads: “Chaos reigns after an electromagnetic pulse attack destroys the country’s power grid and sends the United States back to the Dark Ages. The hit leaves fifteen-year-old Dee stranded on a farm in rural Washington, where basic survival is the top priority. But without the essentials—electricity, clean water, even her cell phone—does Dee have a chance? As disease and lawlessness run rampant in the nearby town, everything Dee holds dear is threatened by a corrupt official who steps into power. With handsome, troubled Mason at her side, Dee will have to fight if she wants to survive and save her home in this hostile new world.”

Videos & Other Post-Apocalyptic Prime Day Specials

Outside the book category, you might all like the Resident Evil Collection (Blu-ray or DVD).

You can also save up to 50 percent off popular movies or rent movies for $1.99 and under. Some specials that post-apoc fans might like include: Pride & Prejudice and Zombies or saving on Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7.  You’ll find that a lot of your favorite post-apoc movies are discounted today.

And in the simply odd category we offer: Unstable Unicorns Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack,

Unstable Unicorns Base Game
Price: $19.97
You save: $0.03 ( %)
1 new from $19.971 used from $18.57

There are also quite a few Amazon electronic devices that are on special too. Save up to $40 on Kindle bundles, or get a Kindle Paperwhite for just $79.99, which will make reading your favorite post-apoc stories much easier.  Want something a little fancier? Fire Tablets are on special too. Or get a Fire TV stick with a voice remote for only $19.99, which will make watching your favorite post-apoc TV shows that much simpler. Or if you’ve ever wanted to play virtual reality post-apoc games, the HTC Vive Pro VR Headset is on special for Prime Day.

Keep an eye out for Fallout 76 deals (or other deals on Fallout games.) I don’t know if it will happen, but new deals will be released all day and tomorrow and you never know what might crop up. Keep checking this link for any Fallout Prime Day deals that may show up.


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