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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Spoilers: Best Predictions, Photos & Videos

The Handmaids Tale Season 3

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The Handmaid’s Tale is returning to Hulu at midnight on June 5 with three new episodes dropping all at once. If you’re just too excited to wait, here are some spoilers, leaks, and predictions from fans for the new season. See photos, videos, reviews and more below.

This post will have spoilers for Season 2 and spoilers/predictions for Season 3. 

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In case you need a quick recap, Season 2 ended with June deciding to stay in Gilead and try to find Hannah instead of escaping with baby Nichole and Emily. This was a really controversial decision (and one that I personally didn’t love.) I don’t see how she can do more good for Hannah within Gilead, but that’s just me.

Premiere Spoilers & Leaks

A fan who says they saw the premiere shared a detailed rundown on Reddit. Apparently we’ll be seeing Commander Lawrence again (which is great because he was such a fascinating character last season. I was worried we wouldn’t see him anymore.) June may be returning to the Waterfords, which is really disappointing. Apparently Nick is also “very unkind” in the premiere, so Nick-June shippers might have some issues. But in my opinion, it’s understandable that Nick would be mad at June after she returned following everything he did for her. At some point, what can he do? Seems like maybe the Luke-June camp will have some more hope after the premiere.

Season 3 Photos & Videos

Here are some photos and videos with very interesting details for Season 3.

This is rumored to be from Episode 5. It’s a picture from one of the trailers.


In one of the trailers, we see a visitation at a Toronto airport, and Luke and Tuello are there, possibly Hannah. The photo above may be a scene from a visitation, perhaps.

Then there’s this trailer released by Handmaids Brasil.

Why is Serena in water and why does she have that expression?


Some think it’s just a dream, but other fans think that maybe she will actually make it to Hawaii. Other fans wonder, since she’s alone, if the Commander dies or if she’s trying to kill herself. Another fan said that in another trailer that was private and later taken down, Fred is with her in this scene, so this might be from a visit she makes to see her mother.

Here’s another trailer:

[SPOILERS SEASON 3] New trailer (From official Twitter and Facebook accounts) from TheHandmaidsTale

Fans really want to know who Aunt Lydia is beating up in the trailer. (Remember, she was maimed – not killed  – last season.) She uses a cane now, but she survived Emily’s attack.

There’s another promo video here that shows the Waterfords asking June to arrange a visit with Nicholle. This might be related to that photo earlier in this post showing Serena with a baby. But who is the “bring back home” quote about? June? Nichole? Some fans think the Waterfords will try to arrange a trade of Hannah for Nicholle.

And here are some more trailers:

Fans noted that Nick never smokes indoors, so he must be really stressed.

More Season 3 Spoilers & Predictions

As someone who didn’t love Game of Thrones’ final season, I can really resonate with this Reddit post:

[No Spoilers] Season 3 Hopes from TheHandmaidsTale

Here’s a discussion from Madeline Brewer and Amanda Brugel about Season 3.


Entertainment Weekly was disappointed in the first six episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale’s Season 3. They thought the decision to not have June escape was a big mistake at the end of Season 2. Her life as a refugee would have been more interesting. They felt like Serena Joy’s character was a bit hard to follow and went back and forth too much, not fitting with what happened to her at the end of Season 2. In fact, they said they hoped the show would end by Season 4, which was interesting.

AV Club wasn’t thrilled with The Handmaid’s Tale’s first six episodes either. They mentioned there’s a lot of back-and-forth with characters who seem to have repercussions for their actions and changes of heart, but then don’t follow through. June’s relationship with the Waterfords and Aunt Lydia are among those. They did say that Emily is a bright spot in the series, along with baby Nichole. But June’s story by midseason will be disheartening to fans, AV Club warned.

If you haven’t seen The Handmaid’s Tale, you can watch Season 1 here. Or check out the book the series is based on here. There’s also a movie from 1990. You can watch it on Amazon here

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