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Reddit Has Spoken: These Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows are Unfinishable

The 100 Made the List

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The thing about multi-season TV shows is that sometimes they’re hard to finish. You might get caught up in the first two seasons, but real life gets in the way. Maybe you’ve found another show, you’ve become too busy, or hey, maybe the writing just sucks now.

I can only count a handful of shows that I’ve finished past season 3 or 4; I just don’t have the attention span for much more than that. And according to a recent thread on Reddit, that’s not so unusual.

Screenrant recently took a closer look at the top 10 sci-fi shows on this list, and I find the whole thing interesting. Not only are there a few entries that I agree with, but a couple really surprised me.

Now if we narrow this list down to post-apocalyptic shows specifically, I’d say there are a good four of the 10 in that category. So let’s go through those.


Earth: Final Conflict
At Number 9 we have Earth: Final Conflict from the 90s. This one was supposed to be a sure hit with Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry on board, but it didn’t do so well. It did run for 5 seasons, but I don’t think most Star Trek or apocalypse fans made it past season 1.

Under the Dome
At number 7, there’s the screen adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome. This is one that I completely agree with. Heck, I didn’t even finish the book.

Number 5 is surprising to me, because I really enjoyed it. Revolution ran for only 2 seasons, but it fell apart pretty quickly toward the end. Still, an enjoyable show for me.

The 100
Number 2 on this list is The 100, one of those shows that my wife loved and often asks me to go back and watch again with her. But, I just can’t. I made it to Season 2 before sneaking off to find other things to do. I mean, it was really good at first, but quickly became really bad. The show concentrated on working in every trendy trope and used itself as a strange political platform while the actual sci-fi part fell off somewhere.

So how about you? Do you agree with this list? Which sci-fi TV shows could you not continue to the end?

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