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4 Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows You Might Not Have Heard About

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Post-apocalyptic TV shows weren’t always as popular as they are now. There have been many times when great ideas just didn’t make it off the ground. Or when not-so-great ideas (sometimes stunning TERRIBLE ones) thankfully weren’t completed. We’ve got a three shows-that-weren’t that you may not have heard of.

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NBC’S Day One

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In 2009, NBC dreamed of creating a post-apocalyptic series that would beat all the shows we’re watching now. They were going to BEAT the trend! They advertised this show extensively. The director had directed the pilots for Fringe and Journeyman, so he had great credentials. It was even supposed to premiere after the 2010 Olympics. So what happened?

No one’s really sure. First it was going to be HUGE. Then it was going to be a miniseries. Then it was just going to be a TV movie that would be made into a series if it had good ratings. Then it was never aired. You can still see the trailer though, and we’ve got it right here. The quality’s pretty poor, but it can give you an idea of what we missed.


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Yes, Dollhouse got two seasons (yet another Joss Whedon show cut down in its prime.) But Dollhouse had an unaired Season 1 finale that would have CHANGED EVERYTHING and turned Dollhouse into an epic post-apocalyptic series. It starred Felicia Day and looked amazing. It was called “Epitaph One.” I saw it and it was phenomenal. It had a sequel, aired as the Season 2 finale, called Epitaph Two: Return. Sadly, we didn’t get to see where this would go because the series was cancelled after Season 2.

Here’s the first part of Epitaph One on YouTube. But take it from me, you really want to watch the much higher quality version on Amazon, which is free for Amazon Prime members. Watch Epitaph One on Amazon here and Epitaph Two on Amazon here.

Knight Rider 2010 (made in 1994, don’t be fooled) 

Knight Rider had a creepy post-apocalyptic version Share on X

I honestly can’t say that this one was cut in its prime. It was a made-for-TV movie where KITT’s life and times took place in a post-apocalyptic universe. His voice and computer were actually the DISEMBODIED BRAIN OF A DEAD WOMAN. Yes, don’t you think THAT is nice and creepy? Yikes.

Here’s a trailer/montage one nice person put together of the show:

Fox’s Woops! – A Post-Apocalyptic Comedy

Before Fox's #LastManOnEarth, there was Woops. Share on X

The Last Man on Earth wasn’t Fox’s first attempt at post-apocalyptic humor. From September 27 to December 6, 1992, Fox aired a post-apocalyptic comedy called “Woops!” It was about six people who survived a nuclear holocaust. In 2002, it was named the 42nd worst show of ALL TIME. Here’s the pilot:

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