Pre-Order the Endgame Sequel and Get a Jump on the Competition

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Did you know you can pre-order the Endgame sequel? The cover for the Endgame sequel, Sky Key, has been revealed and you can pre-order the sequel NOW and get a jump on your competition. It’s not being released until October 6, but you can have it delivered to your house on THAT day and get a head start on the new puzzles and riddles.

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Endgame Sky Key

Bonus Clues!

Here are a few random clues for the current book’s puzzles that we have parsed together. These are in no particular order. We can’t guarantee that they will or will not work. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you have additional thoughts!

  • There’s an order to where you’ll need to go: First get the Iris open, then the stone room, then glass room, then metal room, then Phase 2…
  • Punch Card Computer: Turn on the computer first! This turns one light green, but there are still two more. You don’t need 121212 or TBOTS to solve this. Everything you need is in the book. Pay close attention to numbers or strings of numbers. Solve the numbers first, then the letters.
  • The Wheel of Stone: Always draw from clockwise… Don’t take your pencil off the paper. Start drawing from the center of the clock.
  • Glass Wheel: Consider Google Maps to help you with this one.
  • For the DNA question: You’ll need to separate the letters into trios (remember, DNA has four kinds of nucleotides.) The nucleotides, when arranged in groups of 3, correspond to letters. Look for a DNA translator.
  • This might be helpful for one of the puzzles.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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