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Post-Apocalyptic Milkshake Shop Opens This Friday in Maine


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If you’re ever taking a trip through coastal Maine and you have a taste for a gourmet milkshake with flavors like Cookie Dough Craze or Jalapeno Cheesecake, look no further than the brand new Atomic Shakes.

Atomic Shakes is an upcoming food truck in Edgecomb, Maine that will specialize in post-apocalyptic-themed milkshakes and desserts. Housed in a renovated retro 1968 travel trailer, the new business was born of owner Daisy Cunningham’s love of apocalyptic horror movies and features a gas-mask-clad mannequin named Atom right out front.

Atomic Shakes Logo“I wanted something where I could be creative and not be told no,” Cunningham told Lincoln County News. “I never had that ability in previous jobs and endeavors, so now I’m kind of just embracing my eccentric side.”

Hey, we totally get it! In addition to the atomic-themed milkshakes mentioned above, Cunningham also plans to sell floats, fresh lemonade blends, steamed red snapper, hot dogs, and Blizzard-like ice cream treats called Bombs that will be available with any of her milkshake flavors.

As any good post-apocalyptic fan knows, Stephen King lives not too far away from Edgecomb in Bangor, Maine. His best-selling novel, The Stand, tells one of the most iconic post-apocalyptic tales of all time. Who knows, maybe Cunningham will find herself serving an atomic milkshake to one of the greatest horror novelists of our time!

Atomic Shakes is parked in the lot of motorcycle and hotrod builder Twisted Iron Customs, whose owner, Mike Benner, says that he plans to open his 72-acre lot up to more similar businesses in the future to make Edgecomb a travel destination.


Atomic Shakes will open this Friday, July 30 at 11 a.m. EDT. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updated menu items and more information.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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