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Congress Ready to Battle Pentagon Over UFOs [See Full UAP Press Conference]

A bipartisan group from Congress addressed the press about UFOs. (C-SPAN)

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In a 30-minute press conference, members of the House Oversight Committee revealed that they’ve been stonewalled trying to get access to reports about UAPs and are ready to go toe-to-toe with the Pentagon and the military in order to obtain full transparency about UFOs. The press conference was held to announce the witnesses and more details leading up to next week’s House UFO hearing. You can watch the full press conference in the video below and learn more details in this story.

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Watch the Full 30-Minute Presser Below

You can see the full 30-minute press conference below, provided by Sky News. It’s also available on C-SPAN

The press conference began by announcing the witnesses who would be testifying to the House Oversight Committee on July 26. Rep. Tim Burchett revealed that David Grusch, the whistleblower who has said the U.S. has a secret UAP retrieval program, would be one of the witnesses.

Another is Commander David Fravor, who filmed the famous TicTac video in 2004 while flying over the Pacific Ocean. 

A third witness is Ryan Graves, a former Navy pilot who had multiple UAP encounters during training flights and warned the Pentagon that these were putting pilots at risk. Burchett pointed out that Graves had attended the House Intelligence Committee hearing last year, but not only was he not allowed to speak, he wasn’t even allowed entry into the hearing until someone gave him a press access pass. 

Rep. Luna Said the Commanding General of Eglin Air Force Base Stonewalled Them Personally

Rep. Luna speaks. (C-SPAN)
Rep. Luna speaks. (C-SPAN)

The bipartisan press conference included Rep. Tim Burchett (R), Rep. Jared Maskovitz (D), Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R), and Rep. Eric Burlison (R). They all testified about being stonewalled and the extreme lack of transparency. Luna and Burchett spoke specifically about a time they went to Eglin Air Force Base to speak with whistleblower pilots who had contacted them with concerns about numerous UAP sightings in the region. 

Burchett said they were told they would be briefed on the issue, but when they got there, the meeting had nothing to do with UFOs. So he stopped the briefing and asked if they were going to talk about UAPs at all and was told no. 

“The arrogance of this general was beyond belief,” Burchett said. 

Luna added: “it was a Commanding General of Eglin Air Force Base. And ultimately even before we got down there, the Pentagon tried to cancel the field hearing… These were whistleblowers, these were pilots who had come forward to Rep. Gaetz’s office with information saying this needs to be investigated, we have an increase in sightings in this region and it’s a cause for concern for national security reasons… So we went down there. We were stonewalled. They would not give us access to testimony from some of the pilots. They were hiding images & information.”

Burchett said that while he has seen some videos that have far more detail than what has been shared to the public, he was promised pictures from the pilots at Eglin and has yet to receive any of those. 

Luna said they had to really push and fight to get any access at all. 

“And ultimately what ended up happening is we had to actually call House Armed Services, Chairman Rogers got involved, the Pentagon got involved…” Luna recalled. “We actually got into an argument with the General of that base. It’s important to note that we were there simply to follow up on the whistleblowers that came forward with information….”

She added:

“If the Department of Air Force, if the Pentagon think they’re above Congress, they have something else coming to them.”

Rep. Maskovitz Said Congress Is Going to Reassert Its Power Over the Pentagon & Military

Rep. Maskovitz speaks. (C-SPAN)
Rep. Maskovitz speaks. (C-SPAN)

Rep. Maskovitz was clear that the time of hiding things from Congress is over. The rest of the representatives agreed during the presser that transparency is paramount now. 

“Why are they over classifying this and why aren’t they being transparent?” Maskovitz asked. “It’s about reasserting Congress’ role in all of this… United States Congress passed a law on the JFK assassination. That information under that law is now supposed to be available. And yet President after President of both parties violates that law and extends the information… Why?” 

He added that when things are hidden from Congress, it’s never good. 

“Are we ok with the federal government keeping information from the American people because they’re trying to prevent us from having anxiety?” he asked. “…What else are we going to give them authority to not tell the American people? … That’s a scary thought. … The idea that the human brain can’t tolerate that there might be life somewhere else, I just don’t accept that.”

Burchett agreed, noting:

“The reality is the American public deserves to know. You better be careful about a government that doesn’t trust its people.”

Maskovitz confirmed that they’re already fighting other powers that be. Even getting a room for next week’s UFO hearing was difficult. 

“If there’s nothing to talk about, why was it so difficult?” Maskovitz noted. 

Rep. Burlison (C-SPAN)
Rep. Burlison (C-SPAN)

Burlison said that while he’s personally always been a skeptic, he found Grusch’s allegations compelling after talking to him personally. 

“After speaking with him I was convinced the American people deserve to hear from him directly,” Burlison said. “… It is time for transparency.” 

Burchett added that even some members of Congress have seen UFOs themselves but were afraid to speak out. They personally told him they were glad the Oversight Committee is pushing for transparency. 

Luna said they’re serious about not being stonewalled anymore. 

“Being assigned to House Oversight & Accountability, we can conduct field hearings,” she said. “And if we continue to get stonewalled, if we smell that they’re giving us a bunch of BS, we are going to do the field hearings directly at those locations. We’re going to open it up to the press, because full transparency really is what we need in this situation.”

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