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New Teaser Photo for Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Revealed

Attack on Titan

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As Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 approaches, we’re excited about every clue we can get about what MAPPA has in store for us. A new teaser photo / visual has just been released for the last half of the season, which premieres on January 9.

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This article is anime-focused only and contains no manga spoilers.

The New Teaser Photo Focuses on Eren

Here’s the new visual, as seen on the official Attack on Titan website.

Attack on Titan Teaser Photo
Attack on Titan Teaser Photo (

The new visual is absolutely stunning. It shows Eren with bright green eyes, ready to battle whatever comes up against him. Next to him are what appear to be shards of memories. They’re photos from previous moments in previous seasons, with numerous characters including Mikasa, Armin, Hange, Erwin, Reiner, and more. Listing them all would take a lot of time, but suffice to say, there are a lot.

Here’s the official tweet about the new visual.

It’s an interesting callback to the secret teaser that NHK released right after Season 4 Part 1 ended, which was never aired in the United States. The video uses the same “shards of memory” technique at the end. You can watch the video in our story here.

This is MAPPA’s second teaser photo for the new season. The first was released back in June and you can see our analysis of that teaser poster in our story here.

Several Specials Are Airing on NHK Leading Up to the Premiere

According to Attack on Titan’s official website and an article by Crunchyroll, NHK has six compilation specials planned that will summarize what’s happened in previous episodes to help viewers get caught up before Season 4 Episode 17 premieres on January 9. They’ll also be airing some of Attack on Titan’s OVAs. These are airing during the Sunday time slot that Attack on Titan will occupy starting on January 9.

Here’s a look at what’s still on the schedule.

  • November 14 at 24:05: Special Omnibus Night Three
  • November 21 at 24:05: Special Omnibus Night Four
  • November 28 at 24:05: The OVAs “No Regrets” Parts 1 and 2 and “Lost Girls: Lost in the Cruel World”
  • December 5 at 24:05: “Special omnibus 5th night”
  • December 12 at 24:05: “Special omnibus 6th night”

Interestingly, the website also seems to be indicating that they’ll be airing all the OVAs on TV at separate times too (in addition to these specials.)

  • November 29 at 12:00: Ilze’s Notebook OVA
  • December 6 at 12:00: The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth
  • December 13 at 12:00: Difficult (likely the OVA called Distress)
  • December 20 at 12:00: “No Regrets” Parts 1 and 2
  • December 27 at 12:00: Lost Girls  – Wall SINA Parts 1 and 2
  • January 3 at 12:00: Lost Girls: Lost in the Cruel World

These are all airing in Japan on TV on NHK, and it’s not clear if they’ll be made available in the U.S. on streaming platforms or not.

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