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Mega Convenience Store Buc-ee’s Would Make One Helluva Fallout Faction


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One might argue that there’s already a cult following for the Texas-based convenience store named Buc-ee’s, but one Twitter user speculated on a post-apocalyptic Fallout faction that centers around the cartoon mascot. And we’re intrigued.

“Driving through Texas just reminds me that if there ever was a Fallout style post apocalyptic America,” Twitter user Tyler Canipe mused, “there would be an entire faction dedicated to the worship of this fucking beaver.”


You know, he’s not wrong. Buc-ee’s has become an unusual phenomenon across the southern United States, with some people willing to travel for hours just to eat at one.

But it’s the idea that an entire group of people would base their post-apocalyptic ideals on this place that has us most interested (in signing up, amirite?). After all, Fallout already has some creative factions that worship everything from an atom bomb to a fictional cola mascot to Elvis. So why not a cartoon beaver that appears on buildings that would be filled with everything you’d ever need to survive an apocalypse?

What is Buc-ee’s?

So if you don’t live in the southern US, you might be asking what this place even is. Well, it’s kinda hard to explain. Think of Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and the biggest gas station you’ve ever seen all wrapped into one. Wait, add Sonic in there, too. Oh, and a giant car wash.

Buc-ee’s has a tradition of doing things big. It is headquartered in Texas, after all. But as a perfect example of this, just last week a new 75,000 square foot store has been announced to break ground on November 16 in Luling, Texas. That would make the location the largest of the company’s 43 stores (and the largest convenience store in the world), replacing an honor previously held by the New Braunfels store.


Another world record held by Buc-ee’s includes the world’s longest car wash at 255 feet long, and Cintas voted Buc-ee’s “Cleanest Restrooms in America.”

The stores are enjoying quite the boom lately, even in this wretched economy, thanks to expansions outside of Texas. The first store to be opened outside of the Lone Star state was only four years ago in Alabama, but there are now stores in Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, and Georgia with more being planned in Missouri, Colorado, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

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