Mad Max Oscars: Post-Apocalyptic Movie Winning Big

Mad Max

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How many Mad Max Oscars are we going to see tonight? The post-apocalyptic movie is doing amazing so far and pretty much like Mad Max on Fury Road, nothing can stop it. It’s so great to see one of our post-apocalyptic loves taking all of Hollywood by storm. (By the way, want to see what all the fuss is about or watch the movie again? You can stream it on Amazon right here and read all 6,400 rave reviews.)

As one of our Twitter friends said: “They’ll have to rename the #Oscars #MadMax Awards.” The movie has a whopping 10 nominations, second behind The Revenant who has 12. So this is definitely the night for survival movies.

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Here are the big Mad Max Oscar wins so far: 

Sound Mixing

Sound Editing

Production Design

Makeup and Hairstyling

Film Editing

Costume Design

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We’re not surprised the movie’s doing so well. It was a breathtaking masterpiece visually. You could almost feel and smell the post-apocalyptic world. It caught the possible reality in all its grittiness.

We were really rooting for Mad Max to walk away with Best Picture. It didn’t but we still think that Mad Max was the big winner for the night. In “second place,” we wanted Revenant or The Martian to get Best Picture, as that would have also been great for the survival genre. Turns out that Spotlight won, but we’re still really happy for Mad Max. Did you like the movie? Leave a comment below!

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