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X-Files Finale: The Identity of the Character in *That* Scene

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So here we are, writing about the X-Files finale. I’m trying to get my husband to write a review too because he has A LOT to say, but I’m not sure it will happen. He may have too much to say. 😉 In the meantime, I wanted to focus specifically on THAT scene.

Look guys, this is a review of the X-Files Finale… So…

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS BELOW.  Right Below This Required Ad: 

Now, with that out of the way…

I’m writing about this finale because it went all apocalyptic on us. Yes, the world started rapidly ending in this X-Files finale and it hit me… “I can write about this on the Post-Apocalyptic Media blog! Hurray!” So here we are.

First, see that feature photo above, at the top of the story? The one where Mulder and Scully are together and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes?

Ya, that wasn’t in the finale. Why? Because the entire finale was like this:

mulder xfiles finale
Mulder in X Files finale (Ed Araquel/FOX)

Hey, here’s Mulder! Run off to do something all by himself. No need for Scully. Heck, not even Scully-light aka Einstein. Just off by himself doing something cool, but without Scully.

Where’s Scully?

scully xfiles
Scully, hanging out where Mulder isn’t in the X-Files finale (Ed Araquel/FOX)

Oh there she is! In a totally different location than Mulder, occasionally calling him while he looks at his phone and doesn’t pick up… THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE FINALE.

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Look, I really enjoyed the finale (well, most of it), but why was our favorite duo not even together throughout the entire episode? A lot of the episode was great. It tied together mythology and mysteries, brought back my favorite guy from Community, and threw in some apocalypse which, of course, I love.

But then we got to the end.

And then we saw that it really WAS the end.

Now I’m just confused.

We were promised a resolution, but instead we got a promise that maybe we’ll learn more if they do another season. And don’t get me wrong. If I had really remembered the X-Files of old, I would have remembered not to expect anything else. This is their thing. They don’t resolve. They resolve just enough to leave even MORE questions. We know Scully has alien DNA. We know that happened when she was abducted.

But the big question bugging all of us…

Just who arrived at the end when she was trying to save Mulder? Was it William?

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She said “I’m gonna need stem cells from our long-missing William to save you” and just then, a UFO appears overhead with its bright lights shining down upon them, a brilliant and beautiful deus ex machina in the form of an alien. (Which is very appropriate, given X-Files’ theme.)

But then the show cuts off, before the deus ex machina can actually do its job. (And on, I don’t think it’s better to “leave it to my imagination,” thank you very much.)

Theory 1: Here’s what I’m pretty sure happened. That was William, all grown up, come to help his parents. His alien DNA really took off because it inhabited him from the time he was a baby and it took over. That’s why Mulder and Scully both had those weird nightmare daydreams about William. So, William’s kind of an Alien Jesus of sorts, who can save the world with the help of his mom, Scully. Because William is so in touch with his DNA, he hooked up with the real aliens and now he’s come to help Mom.

Theory 2: For a slight variation… Remember that group that Mulder talked to who had a functioning alien ship that was stolen from them by the government? Well, maybe they had a second functioning alien ship and this one was just a decoy. Maybe they are working with William to uncover the truth and they’re the ones who swooped in. I mean, Mulder didn’t even have a password on his computer and he had his phone set to be trackable. So apparently he wanted someone (William?) to track him?

Theory 3: Then there’s my husband’s theory. The aliens want people on Earth to die because we’re destroying the planet. They found out Scully was about to fix things, so they swooped in to take her away and let humans continue to die. The End.

Then, there’s always the theory that Scully just conjured up the UFO out of her mind with magic. I mean, she was able to stop a riot with just a polite word and somehow make it through an apocalyptic traffic jam in DC. That woman is POWERFUL! 😂

Which theory do you agree with? Or do you have your own?

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