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Halo Infinite: How to Speed up the Download Time on Steam

Halo Inifnite on Steam

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Halo Infinite is finally here and players couldn’t be more excited! But as is often the case with new game drops, there are a few errors and issues that players are encountering before they can even start the game. Here are some workarounds if you’re on Steam to speed up the downloads.

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The Game Downloading Slowly on Steam, but There Are Fixes

For quite a few PC players, the game is downloading really slow on Steam. The best workaround seems to involve either restarting Steam or switching to a different server.

On a Reddit discussion, players are helping each other out with workarounds.

One person suggested that if your download is <100kb/s, you should restart your computer and reopen steam. They said that they and several other people did that and were able to increase their download speed to 300mb/s.

Another person using Steam suggested that if your download is slow, try changing your region until you can find a faster download.

Another person suggesting pausing and unpausing your download on Steam.

Another Reddit user gave a more detailed explanation on how to fix the problem using the server switch hack.

They wrote: “To anyone downloading on steam: go to steam settings and click on the download tab and try changing your download region. That may help your download speeds increase. (I went from St. Louis to Dallas and got my regular download speeds to come back).”

One person even commented that they switched to the Huton, Texas, server because Minneapolis was bogged down, and they got a full DL speed.

Try these fixes and see if they help.

Steam players can take comfort in knowing they’re not the only ones having problems. Many players on Xbox can’t even access the game at all, or they get a blue screen of death when they try to load the game. Behind-the-scenes, the Halo team is working on fixing it, but it looks like Steam players are going to get to start playing the game first.

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