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Halo Infinite on Xbox: Players Encounter Blue Screens & Errors Launching

Halo Infinite is having problems on Xbox

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Microsoft just announced that Halo Infinite is releasing today with an early drop. But players trying to get to the game as fast as possible are encountering errors, including not being able to find the game on Xbox or encountering blue screens of death. An official acknowledged the problems and said they are working on it, but the build is still rolling out on the Xbox side of things.

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Deleting the Preinstall May Help

Many Xbox players can’t even download the game on Xbox at all because it seems to be missing. Here at Post Apocalyptic Media, we appeared to have the game preinstalled but it was still listed on Xbox as “coming soon.” We did figure out one workaround: we deleted the preinstall and then added it back and now it’s downloading a 25gb game (which is much larger than the original preinstall file that had appeared for us.) So you might want to try that workaround too and see if it helps.

Some people aren’t seeing the game at all if they don’t have Gamepass, although it should be available for everyone. One person wrote on a Reddit discussion:  “Has anyone without gamepass had any luck getting the download to show on Xbox? I see the multiplayer option, but it says it’s only for gampass.”

After the announcement, it became quickly apparent that the game was released on Steam first before Xbox, as player after player shared that they were getting a blue screen or encountering other issues with loading the game on Xbox.

Many Are Encountering Blue Screen Errors Because the Build Is Still Rolling Out

Many players on Xbox only saw a blue screen when trying to launch.

One person on Reddit wrote: “I have the 280mb base installed. Launch brings up blue screen. No update.”

Brian Jarrard, Halo Community director at 343 Industries, shared a tweet about what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

He wrote: “PSA: We’re in the thick of things at the moment but FYI that players on Xbox/WinStore are likely hitting some blue screens / errors trying to launch. The build is still publishing and rolling out, expected to resolve in due time. Hang in there!”

So it appears the game will be available soon, but things are going slower on the Xbox/WinStore side of things than on the Steam side.

A few minutes after this story was published, Halo shared some great news!

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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