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Get Rage 2 Free on Epic Games Store Until February 25

Rage 2

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Rage 2, the sequel to 2011’s hit post-apocalyptic shooter Rage, is now on sale for the low, low price of FREE on the Epic Games store.

The game was a joint project among Avalanche Studios, id Software, and Bethesda, releasing for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 14, 2019. While it didn’t receive the best Metacritic score (as low as 67/100 for the PS4 version), it did fairly well with critics, receiving an 8/10 from Destructoid, an 8/10 from IGN, and a 4/5 from USgamer.

Rage 2 Screenshot

Rage 2 is a gorgeous open-world first-person shooter that has elements of Borderlands, Doom, and even Far Cry, but in its own wild world of shooting, driving, upgrading, and more shooting.

Destructoid says that the game is “perfect for messing around in, and that counts for a lot.”

To get the game for free, simply head over to the Epic Games store, download the Steam-like interface, and then download the game itself. That’s it. No coupons or download codes or tricky special offers. This is just a free game.

And best of all, Epic Games does this every week. Yep, there’s a free game every single week.

But you have to hurry because this particular offer expires on February 25 when a new game (Sunless Sea) will be free. Rinse, repeat!

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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