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Game of Thrones Watch Party Ideas: Drinks

If you're throwing a Game of Thrones watch party - you'd better have some theme'd beverages. Here's our resource of great ideas from those who have gone before you. Feel free to copy the ideas and put you own spin on them.

Great Ideas for Your Game of Thrones Party


eight houses as beer labels
These $2 printable beer labels will both delight your guests and reveal their true loyalties.

Of course, there are also six officially licensed Game of Thrones beers you can buy from Ommegang.

iron throne ommegang beer

The two most popular wines in Westeros are Dornish Red and Arbor Gold. You should label your wines accordingly.

dornish wine label

Dornish Red Sour Label

awesome win labels dornish red and arbor gold

Dornish Red and Arbor Gold Matching Labels

Individual labels for printing:

Arbor Gold
Dornish Red

win labels dornish red arbor gold and casterly rock

Dornish Red, Arbor Gold, and two other labels for $5.

But in a pinch, just do the best you can.

hand labeled wines for game of thrones

Mead is basically wine made with honey instead of grapes. It is delicious and wonderfully period appropriate. I heartily suggest your stock up on mead for your party. I know I will.

best sweet mead brand

My brand.

gummy bears soaked in vodka

Straight Vodka tastes terrible, so soak it into gummy bears instead.

Another idea is to put green Jello Vodka shots into mason jars and label it "Wildfire".

It should look something like this.

jars with green liquid

Photo Source

a group of small mason jars

This set of twelve jars for $9 should do the trick. But Walmart has some good ones as well.

Great Ideas for Your Game of Thrones Party

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