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Game of Thrones Premiere Watch Party Ideas: Epic Themed Recipes with Photos

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So you’re planning to throw an epic Game of Thrones watch party for the Season 7 premiere, and you’re looking for great ideas for refreshments, food and appetizers. Well, you’ve come to the right place for some delicious and artfully creative recipes. We’ve been all over the Internet looking for the best refreshment ideas out there. We even threw our own party last year and have some photos and ideas to share from that too! So let’s not waste any more time — let’s get started!

Great Ideas for Your Game of Thrones Party





Season 7 Drinking Game

Party Favors

Season 7 Bingo Cards

The recipes for all of these concoctions can be found in the links:

Extend Guest Right with Bread and Salt

After the arrival and recitation of titles, it is customary to offer your guests bread and salt. This is a symbolic gesture. You are offering them guest right.

a bread bowl full of salt sits on a table

Bread and Salt by The Inn at the Crossroads. The link has a recipe for making the bread from scratch!

We didn’t want to spend time making our own bread, so we bought a similar looking bread at the local grocery store, and served it under candlelight:

Remember: If any guest takes the salt and bread, they are protected by “guest right.” You are not allowed to harm that guest for the rest of the night!

If unwanted guests arrive, here’s what to do.  Instead of offering bread and salt, you simply sit in the doorway with your sword across your lap. This is a sign that they are unwelcome and will not be extended guests right in your house.

Dead Ned Cake Pops & Appetizers

Honoring Ned is a must for any watch party.

ned starks cake head on toothpick spikes

Dead Ned Cake Pops

neds heads as cake on spikes

Another take on the Ned Head cake pops. There are a lot of recipes out there for Dead Ned Cake Pops. Here’s one from Pop Sugar.

The theme also works great as appetizers:

cheese balls in herbs look like neds head

Dead Ned Heads of Herb Rolled Cheese by The Third Toast.

Be Creative With Your Labels

Remember to have fun with your labels:

fun food labels game of thrones

Try ideas like San-Salsa, Hodoritos, and Tea-rion Lannister. For our party, we also had Red Wedding Cake, White Walker Hair, Shireen’s Chicken Legs, and more.

Cauliflower Steaks

And don’t forget to honor the Old Gods.

awesome weirwood of cauliflower

Weirwood Tree Cauliflower Steaks by Geek Dad.

We tried the cauliflower steaks ourselves, and they turned out really great: 

Desserts A’Plenty

We have a bunch of desserts you can choose from for your watch party, ranging from complicated to simple. First up, a Weirwood Cake:

a weirwood tree made of cake

Weirwood Cake by The Inn at the Crossroads. (Recipe in the link.)

Or serve Sansa’s favorite dessert – lemon cakes.

delicious looking lemon cake

100 Calorie Lemon Cakes (pictured above) by Stitched Pigeon. We made the 100-calorie Lemon Cakes at our party, and they were amazing.

a lemon cake sits on a table

Lemon Cakes Recipe #2 by Group Recipes. (Recipe in the link.)

fancy lemon cake with a pink glaze

Fancy Lemon Cakes by Weelicious. (Recipe in the link.)

cupcakes with blue and red decorations

Ice and Fire Cupcakes by Sugar Swings. (Recipe in the link.)

a pie that looks like the targaryen sigil

This one looks difficult, but it’s actually just Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and a little bit of lemon peel for the flames.Three Headed Dragon Pie via Pinterest.

Tip: You should always serve Hot Pie, but you should never serve Frey pies.

a woman holds a dragon hears of cake

This edible horse heart looks super realistic. It was created by The Inn at the Crossroads and started out as just a regular cupcake. See the link for details.

If you want to get really simple, you can buy red velvet cupcakes and serve them as Red Wedding cupcakes. We served these and the lemon cakes. The lemon cakes disappeared too fast to get pictures of them. 🙂

By the way, you can add some cake topper banners for a flair of creativity. Just make banners for each of the houses and attach them to toothpicks. Voila!

Dragons’ Eggs

Of course, no Game of Thrones party would be complete without dragons’ eggs.  You have several options for these. You can choose the dessert route or the appetizer/side dish route. First, here’s a dessert version by Semi Sweet:

great looking dragon egg cookies

Dragon Egg Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs (link leads to recipe)

cool dragon egg cookies

Another recipe for dragon egg cookies by Otaku Crafts (link leads to recipe).

dragon eggs candy

Chocolate Almond Dragon Eggs by One Green Planet (above).

If you want real eggs, try the hard-boiled variety. Here’s a step-by-step:

how to make hard boiled dragon eggs

Hard Boiled Dragon Eggs

These really do turn out looking great. Here are a couple photos of the hard-boiled dragons’ eggs that we served:

Honeyed Chicken Handpies

good looking chicken pie

You might want to serve some real food too.

Chicken Handpies — These are created by The Inn at the Crossroads. Visit their website in the link on the left for the recipe and instructions.

Turkey or Chicken Legs

delicious looking turkey leg

Turkey Legs – This recipe is by The Pioneer Woman. It’s not too difficult and the recipe is in the link. We served our own, but used chicken legs instead and added a creative label:

A Simple Side Dish: White Walker Hair

Want another simple idea? Put some sauerkraut in a bowl and call it White Walker Hair:

Put Together a Creative Menu

Finally, you might want to make a menu to show off your culinary, Photoshop, and pun skillz. Here are a few ideas.

game of thrones food menu

Party Snack Menu by Far Away Universe.

iron throne with silverware menu

The Silverware Throne Menu Frame thanks to Game of Thrones Tumblr.


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Great Ideas for Your Game of Thrones Party





Season 7 Drinking Game

Party Favors

Season 7 Bingo Cards

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