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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 Live Recap & Review: We Have to Go Back!

Fear the Walking Dead

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Here we go! I’m embarking on another live recap and review of a show in which I share my emotions and frustrations as they happen and don’t censor myself too much. 🙂 Before the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4, I was pretty mad. The way they killed off Madison was ridiculous, the way Alicia and company wouldn’t just drive their darn car away was ridiculous. At least they didn’t kill John Dorie! (Oh, and I’m still upset about Nick suddenly being afraid to be away from his mommy, which was pretty much NEVER an issue before.) But I still have hopes for this show. I really like Morgan. I really like Dorie. They are interesting. And I saw the job Alycia Debnam-Carey did as Lexa on The 100, so I’d like to see her turn badass for Fear.

If you aren’t caught up on Fear, you can catch up on Amazon here.

Anyway, I’ll be posting this live as it happens… Hope you enjoy!

(Be sure and refresh this page periodically to see my latest thoughts on the episode. This will be in chronological order, so you’ll want to scroll to the end of the story to see the latest that happened.)

And we begin in a rainstorm. I can hear zombies in the background…and here they are, being uplled away by wind… what is this? Z Nation?

#FearTheWalkingDead intro reminds me of #ZNation. Am I on the right show? Click To Tweet

That was the shortest intro they’ve ever had.

Oh hey, Walking Dead returns October 7!

Annnd we’re back. Morgan is killing walkers, like he does. He’s collecting helpful things like food and stuff. He’s doing pretty well for himself (a lot of these people do better on their own.)

He’s got a walkie talkie now and listens in… Now we cut to someone welding. He’s talking to Al! She’s got her SWAT vehicle and is working on fixing it. Morgan says that John is fine (so I guess they’re still together.)

Morgan says he’s not ready to tell Al anything, but he will show her… He’s heading home.

Wait. What?!

“I’m going back and I want you to drive me.”

Well she can’t refuse that offer.

Now we’re at Naomi, who’s on a school bus gutting fish. Morgan asks her if John is with her, and he is. Awww, that’s nice to know. 🙂

Morgan tells John that he never should’ve left. “It’s where I belong. That’s where I should be.” John agrees. I feel like this is so meta for the shows themselves. Shall we combine the two shows audience?

John doesn’t think he can make it and he’s not sure Morgan can either. “You don’t know what’s out there,” he protests. “I was thinking maybe you, Charlie, and me go back to my cabin… My cabin’s far but it ain’t Virginia far.”

This is so meta it hurts guys.

John offers to share some dinner with Morgan, but Morgan can’t because he has some stops to make first before leaving. 🙁 Come on, don’t tell me this is the last of John Dorie.

Meanwhile, my husband is wondering why Morgan would want to bring people back because Rick will just get them all in trouble. That’s a good point, Derek.

Next we see Morgan arriving … somewhere… Fancy place with an iron gate. Big house. Solar panels. Pretty sweet. Why would anyone leave this to go back to Alexandria, which is half exploded thanks to the war with Negan?

Ohhh, Morgan is at Strand’s house! Strand always was cool. He went from a boat to a house that reminds me of Southfork. Nice.

This is a fancy place!

Strand is playing music and Morgan wonders where everyone is.

Luciana is sleeping, looking depressed kinda. Morgan wants to talk to her about heading back to Rick. “We’ve got room for everybody.”

Strand laughs. He’s had his fair share of road trips.

“I never want to step foot in that van again,” Luciana answers.

They aren’t interested. They’ll run into people “like us.” And Strand is done scraping by. “I’ve found the best this crumbling piece of rock has to offer.” And Luciana thinks there’s nothing for her anywhere.

Dang this is depressing.

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So now Morgan is looking for Alicia. She has some scraps of paper in her room that read HELP on them, but she’s outside killing walkers.

“You’ve been through a lot,” Morgan said. “…I think I can help you.”

Morgan shows her the notes. “They’re tacking them on to the dead.” She’s drawing out the dead and killing them. Morgan says what she’s doing isn’t safe. There’s no way to tell if the person who wrote the note is still alive. And Strand and Luciana haven’t seen her in weeks. He think Alicia should come with him to Rick and company.

Are they trying to combine these shows?

Morgan is worried that Alicia will get herself hurt. “I’m leaving in the morning. You know where to find me if you change your mind.”

Guys, I think I figured this out. They will arrive at Rick’s when the season ends and it will be a huge cliffhanger as to what happened, until The Walking Dead returns on October 7. You read it here first.

Prediction: They'll arrive at Alexandria and everyone will be dead. The Walking Dead will be a flashback. #FearTWD Click To Tweet

Naomi is asking John if he really wants them to go back to the cabin. (I’m sorry, I can’t remember her other name.)

Charlie is getting almost eaten by a walker, but Al saves her. I don’t feel anything much about this, since Charlie killed Nick and all.

But at least she’s not Zach from The Strain. UGH.

Strand sees blood on the window. Walker is there! Walker walks in all bitey and ready to sneak up on Luciana, who is playing loud music. But Strand attacks Walker behind her and has this big fight which is really bigger than it should be.

I guess it was a tough kill because he’s drunk.

“I think it’s time we find that breach,” Strand offers, and I agree.

Naomi is talking to Charlie. Why did you freeze up? Think about that. Charlie didn’t call for help because she doesn’t really talk anymore.

John said the dead are washing up because something’s amiss upriver. Al offers to go with Naomi to the bridge to find out what’s wrong so Injured John doesn’t have to go.

Guys, I’m really happy John and Naomi are a couple now and worked everything out. 🙂

Al and Naomi take off on their journey. John is worried.

Morgan is packing. WHY is he going back? Why didn’t he take Carl WITH him?

Alicia’s figured out the walkers are coming from AGL, an overrun lumber mill up the road. Whoever is writing the notes needs help. Morgan and Alicia are going to check it out.

I mean, this is all pretty typical of a post-apoc story right now. That’s nice.

But then they cut to showing how strong the wind is, and I am wondering when this is going to turn all Z Nation.

Morgan wants to take everyone back. Reminds me of Jack on LOST.

So... Morgan went all WE HAVE TO GO BACK a la Jack from Lost tonight on #FearTWD. Click To Tweet

Al and Naomi find a box with stuff inside that reads; “Take what you need. Leave what you don’t.”

Oh wait, her name’s June!

Morgan is asking Alicia what happens after they help this person. She said it doesn’t matter because Morgan will be gone. Morgan is feeling bad because no one knows where he went or what happened. (I thought he told someone he was leaving.)

“That friend I told you I got back there, who said I’d find my way back to the world… I left straight after I heard that… to make it so he was wrong. I just want to look him in the eye and tell him he was right. I think he deserves to know.”

Who told Morgan that again? I’m thinking either Ezekiel or Rick.

Oh, they just got another walker with a note!

Luciana and Strand are mending the fence. Good idea.

Oh hey, John is making a board game! He offers to play a game of Scrabble. Good idea.

I still don’t feel sorry for Charlie though.

Ugh. Charlie on #FearTWD is the new Zach from #TheStrain. Click To Tweet

And now she’s running away. Thanks A LOT Charlie. :-/ You are more and more like Zach.

And now we’re back!

Strand is dragging a dead walker outside just as John Dorie arrives.  And John is enlisting his help because Strand owes him.

Now we’re back with Alicia and Morgan’s mission to save the person writing the mysterious notes. I feel like Rick could do this with one arm tied behind his back. But then again… Oh, here we go! Alicia kills her first of the bunch. Now suddenly Morgan is outside. He’s leading them somewhere specific. Then Alicia smashes them all in a very Wiley Coyote easy-peasy style.

Uh oh… Not so easy. the guy they were trying to save already died and is a walker. 🙁


“My mom would’ve found him. She would’ve seen him,” Alicia says as I chuckle. No she would NOT. But her mom is gone and she sees her with rose-colored glasses.

“She changed,” Morgan says. “So you could change.”

“I’ve got a lot to make up for,” Alicia says. Morgan believes the same about himself.

“Why are you sleeping in the greenhouse?” Morgan says the notes gave her a reason to run away, but Strand and Luciana need her and she could save them, like her mom did.

“I could, but you could be there for us too,” Alicia says back at him. That’s true.

Back with Al and Naomi… “John fell in love with Laura at the cabin. I am NOT Laura. I’m the woman who got scared and ran away. Not just from John, but from everyone. It’s who I am.”

OK, I get it. This episode is about everyone running away scared. Morgan, Alicia, Naomi.

Naomi is scared John won’t love her once he realizes she’s not Laura.

“You’re with John…nursing him back to health. That’s who you are.” Al is helpful. It occurs to me that we don’t know anything about Al’s background.

That’s when they see a huge flock of birds escaping SOMETHING. They are fleeing something. So were the Walkers.

Uh oh.

Seriously, this is a crazy episode reminding me of every other post-apoc show. We’ve got Zach from The Strain in Charlie, ZNation Sharknadoes killing the Walkers, and Morgan channeling Jack’s we have to go back from LOST.

Ohhhhh. There’s Maggie starring in Mile 22! Nice Maggie. Good job!

OK, back to the show.

John used to be a cop and Strand used to be a millionaire. I used to be a writer posting snarky articles.

John is taking June and Charlie to his cabin. Charlie is the worst surrogate kid ever. 🙁 Poor John. 🙁

Morgan is following Alicia and suggesting they need to find a place to hole up to survive the storm. Alicia wants none of that surviving crap.

Luciana is back to listening to music again. The storm is moving in. A door opens… Creepy creepy creepy.


What the hell?

She goes running into the storm.

“Haven’t you done enough?” Luciana yells. No, no she hasn’t, not if Zach from The Strain taught us anything.

OK, looks like she was returning a dumb book no one wanted.

Now Luciana is running into the storm after Charlie. WHAT? Why?

Naomi/June is warning John about the storm. But their connection cuts out before she can tell John if she’s OK. 🙁 She’s in the SWAT car with Ali. Ali stops the car and isn’t going to go any farther.


I’m sorry guys. I’m laughing.

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And it’s over.

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