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The 100 Season 5 Finale: Recap & Review of Episode 13 “Damocles Part Two”

The 100 Season 5 Finale Recap and Review

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I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to The 100 tonight, but alas, we are almost here. It will be a long time before Season 6 premieres, and I’m already feeling apprehensive about not having the show around anymore. But with that said, I’m REALLY nervous about tonight’s Season 5 finale. I’m scared Kane is going to die for real. And I’m scared about what’s going to happen to everyone else when they go back to battle. So I’ll be writing this story while I’m watching the finale, so you can read the recap if you want as soon as the episode is done.

OK, deep breath… Here we go… (By the way, if you haven’t seen this episode or want to relive The 100, you can watch it on Amazon here.) 

The episode begins with Monty saying they can’t stay – they need medical equipment – they need to surrender. But the people at the Gorge killed everyone who tried.

But the day is saved when Madi arrives with Octavia, Bellamy, Echo and Indra. The Grounders recognize Madi as Heda. Octavia draws her sword to talk with Madi. And in a surprise to everyone, Octavia puts down her sword and bows to the true commander. OK, THAT moment just gave me chills. When everyone bowed… WOW.

Everyone is united and ready to fight under Madi’s lead, and to head into the gorge. But Madi is in a tent, watching the sick.

Gaia is still alive, but she desperately needs Abby’s help.

Bellamy tells Madi that it’s time and everyone will follow her. “I don’t want to lead them into a massacre,” Madi says, but Indra assures her they have the numbers if they just move forward. Madi wants to believe there is a better way, and Gaia encourages her to ask the Commanders for help. She teaches Madi how to contact the Commanders.

And just like that, Madi has a plan.

Meanwhile, McCreary is torturing Shaw to get him to fly the ship. Raven begs him to stop. Finally, she is the one to break, not wanting him to end up with an injury like hers. She will fly the ship, she offers.

Next we see Clarke, saying that Abby sent her with medicine for Diyoza. Clarke takes out the guard and gets Diyoza’s help to stop McCreary. “It’s hard to keep track of whose side you’re on,” Diyoza says. Isn’t tht the truth.

Raven is getting ready to take off to keep Shaw alive. But Clarke stops them and orders Raven to cut the engines, threatening McCreary’s baby. “I won’t let my child die. Will you?” Appealing to McCreary’s humanity is a risky move.

Clarke and McCreary are at a standstill, while the others try to carry out Madi’s plan. (Sorry guys, I can’t explain what it is in this post, everything is moving really fast.)

Echo goes all Robin Hood for the plan, taking out one of the enemy’s defenses. (It was literally a Robin Hood/Arrow type of scene.)

Bellamy and Echo are heading toward their goal but they’re pinned down. Bellamy won’t give up. neither will anyone else, and it looks like Madi’s plan worked. Now they can march through the gorge without being destroyed.

Clarke is proud of her daughter. She offers to lower her weapon of McCreary’s men lower theirs. McCreary is reading through Diyoza’s journal and the launch codes. “Clarke, you have to stop him. He’ll kill us all. Shoot him right now.”

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McCreary is entering the launch codes to destroy the valley. So Clarke puts down her weapon. (Why?)

McCreary goes all Octavia-with-the-algae and sets off the Damocles missile to destroy the entire valley. “If I can’t have this valley, no one can.”

He’s crazier than I thought.

McCreary plans for them to take the ship into space and survive forever off the planet. Clarke tells Shaw to fly the ship or she’ll kill Raven. but she has something else in mind, and they trick McCreary and knock him out. “You’ll never know your daughter,” Clarke says as she knocks him out.

Meanwhile, Bellamy orders the prison crew to drop their weapons. They obey and Madi orders them all to be killed. But Bellamy reminds her that Skycru used to be the enemy and the criminals. “You can be better than them. You can be better than us,” he advises Madi, telling her she can be better than them all.

Evacuation sirens go off. Raven is on the speakers telling everyone to evacuate and they only have nine minutes. “We’ll wait as long as we have.”

Everyone takes off, but Monty stays with Murphy and Emori to try to help him because he’s seriously injured. Monty is carrying Murphy, trying to save his life.

But what about Gaia? And where’s Kane? Did he die? (For the record, I thought he died last week but everyone else is telling me I’m wrong and they didn’t tell us for certain.)

With eight minutes until impact, everyone shows up to get on the ship with Clarke and Raven and Diyoza. Madi tells Clarke they have to let the prison crew on too, quoting Bellamy (not the Commanders.)

That’s when Clarke realizes that Abby isn’t there. Echo said a group they left at her door will bring Abby.

Now we are finally back to Abby, where she has Kane on life support and is operating on him. Octavia is there and tells Abby she’s not there to kill her. “I’m sorry about Kane but it’s time to go.” Abby won’t leave Kane, but Octavia tells her she doesn’t have a choice. “So it’s OK for me to be the monster but not you, right?”

“Strike me down or get the hell out because I’m saving the man that I love,” Abby tells her.

“I have a better idea,” Octavia says.

But they’re not at the ship yet, and Raven is going to have to take off.

And then it happens. Madi tells Bellamy that Clarke called him on the radio every day for six years. This might change things… Maybe? But Becho?

Octavia arrives, and her group is carrying Kane on a stretcher. It looks like they’re all going to get on the ship. (Except Murphy and Emori and Monty aren’t there yet, and Monty is kind of important for survival…)

The missile is arriving and now they have to close the door. Bellamy won’t get on the ship and there’s just one minute to impact. “Clarke, you do what you have to but I am not leaving my friends. I can’t do that again.”

Now Clarke is forced to do the unthinkable and close the doors on Bellamy, because for some reason suicide sounds good to him…

Wait, here’s Murphy and crew! How the heck is the ship going to take off in time?

They close the doors and the missile hits.

They’re launching. This seems unreasonable. I mean, launching during a missile strike?

But it works and they take off with all the rest of humanity on the ship, prison crew, Wonkru, everyone. That is a lot of people on one ship, but this ship did bring down all the prison crew to begin with, so that’s reasonable.

Now everyone is on the ship, safe. Bellamy finds Clarke. Jackson got both bullets out of Murphy, Clarke says, and Gaia will keep her leg.

Kane is in a drug-induced coma. Jackson said there’s not enough of the drug to keep him in a coma and it doesn’t look good.

Bellamy suggests cryosleep for keeping Kane alive.

Now they’re going to have a meeting to decide what to do next. Octavia and Diyoza aren’t invited. “Your mistake was liking it, the power,” Diyoza tells Octavia. “That’s the kiss of death… I liked it too.”

“One garden, two serpents, neither ever had a chance,” Octavia responds.

Monty, Emori, Bellamy, and Clarke and the others are on the bridge. 412 people are on the ship. “Now it’s our job to keep them alive,” Bellamy says.

The only way to do that is with algae, they say. It will be at least 10 years before the Valley is back, but the ship only has a few weeks. There are 500 cryopods on the ship, so that’s enough. Madi gets the final decision, and she agrees to it. “I guess it’s time for bed,” she says.

OK, shouldn’t someone stay awake to watch things? I’m not sure…

Clarke kisses Madi goodnight and puts her in a cryosleep chamber. Her name is Madi Griffin on the screen, which is pretty darn sweet.

Octavia says that it’s kind of like closing a door in the floor, getting in the cryochamber. “I love you big brother,” she tells Bellamy. “Don’t make me wait 10 years to hear you say it.”

“You’re my sister and a part of me will always love you,” Bellamy says in a weird way, maybe thinking about the algae she burned. “The other part wishes a part of you was (dead),” he adds.

So there you go. :-/

This whole scene reminds me of Stargate Universe. Except on that ship, they had someone who had to stay awake and make sure everything went smoothly.

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Technically, there were 14 days of rations left for 412 people. So they could leave one person awake to make sure things go smoothly. Or if they got the algae going, maybe more than one?

OK, we’re back from the commercial break and everyone is in cryosleep. Guess they did put everyone down!

Clarke is waking up before everyone else. She seems fine and nothing seems different about the cryosleep room to me.

Bellamy wakes up next. “Hey,” Clarke says.

Bellamy notices everyone’s asleep. “Why is it just us?”

“That’s the way mom and dad wanted it,” a mysterious guy says. “Can I just say wow.. I can’t tell you how good it is to finally meet you… I’ve never met anyone before, so I clearly suck at it. I’m Jordan.. Monty and Harper’s son.”


“They didn’t go to sleep,” Bellamy observes.

“They talked about your time on the ring a lot. How happy they were I guess they wanted to come back to that.”

Jordan said they left instructions to wait Clarke and Bellamy first. They were all asleep for 125 years.


In a video, Monty shares that the algae farm is going great. And he and Harper are really happy. Harper is pregnant in the two year anniversary. “We picked a name today. Boy or girl – Jordan.”

Wait… How is Jordan still so young so many years later?

On the next video, we see Jordan as a baby. “I can’t wait to see your faces,” Monty said.

Jordan explained that things didn’t go as planned. It’s 10 years later and Monty didn’t wake them. There was nothing down there so he kept them all asleep. “This is going to take a while. Jordan is doing great though. He’s a happy kid. I took a page from Clarke’s parenting book. He knows all about you guys. Believe it or not, Murphy is his favorite.”

Then we see Monty and Harper older. it’s 2184, November 3, and they are putting Jordan in cryo sleep.

“If you’re watching this kiddo, we love you so much. Did you follow my instructions?”

“We wanted him to wake you first so we could talk,” Monty tells them. “Earth isn’t coming back.”

He said it’s been 28 years and Earth is still dead.

“I’m working on a plan b though. If you’re awake, I found it.”

In the final heart-breaking video, we see an older Monty. Harper died. She was very sick. “Her dad’s genetic condition finally got her,” he tells Clarke, saying Clarke was right. “We had a good life. Sometimes I know she wanted to be with you guys. Maybe I did too. But if we did that, I wouldn’t be able to show you this…”

Jordan opens the window, revealing a new planet.

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“It took me 30 years but I finally cracked the Eligius 3 mission file. Turns out it wasn’t a mining mission. After sucking the Earth dry, they went looking for another planet to tap. I set the coordinates a week ago. If I’m right, you should get there in 75 years. I’m tempted to put myself in cryo to see it. But without Harper… Anyway. It’s in the Goldilocks zone of a binary star system, but that’s all I know. Eligius 3 never radioed back… or no one heard. Can you see it? Is it beautiful? It is in my dreams. I hope we do better there. I hope Jasper was wrong and we aren’t the problem. I hope your lives there will be happy as mine has been… May we meet again.”


That was an AMAZING ending.

They are on a brand new planet, which is going to be very Lost in Space to watch. I just wish Monty had gone into cryosleep because it would be amazing to see an elderly Monty with his son Jasper. (And wouldn’t it be worth it to live for Jasper even if he doesn’t have Harper?)

I can’t wait for Season 6 now! That ending made up for everything. 🙂

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