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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 Live Recap & Review: Zombienado Time!

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If last week was any indication, we’re in for some Sharknado-Zombienado action tonight on Fear the Walking Dead. And because that’s pretty exciting (or pretty awful, depending on your perspective), I have to write about it live. Stay tuned for my live recap and review of Season 4 Episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead. I’ll be updating this post live, so feel free to refresh whenever you want for the latest. 🙂

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If you aren’t caught up on Fear, you can catch up on Amazon here.

The episode begins with Alicia walking through the storm and then staring through a locked door. She breaks open the door to get inside. Everything is maybe creepier right now than it needs to be…. The house is empty. Looks pretty abandoned. Alicia finds a zombie wandering around and kills it. She has to kill another one, maybe the mom and dad who lived at the house. Now another woman zombie. And now a young male zombie. She kills them all and dumps them outside. Back in the house, she finds a picture of all of them on the mantle and knocks it down. Another family dead, just like hers.

Here we go… The title card shows a tornado/hurricane moving through, knocking over electric wires that are useless now anyway.

I’m wanting zombienados, but right now this is very Alicia-centric (which is OK too!)

Alicia tosses out all the family pics (probably reminds her too much of her own family.) The door doesn’t want to lock shut (she had to break in to get inside), so she’s going to need to figure out a way to keep it shut. Sadly, it looks like the basement is already flooded. 🙁 But at least she finds a hammer and nails.

(So far this is a pretty slow episode, but it’s very survival-oriented. Gives a good feel of what apocalyptic life would be like.)

Alicia hears a noise upstairs. Looks like it’s a zombie hanging from a tree! Cool.

Oh wait, there’s someone else. “Whoever’s in here, get the hell out or I’ll kill you. You’ve got one chance.”

I feel like it’s going to be another walker, personally, but we’ll see.

UGH. It’s Charlie. WHY WHY WHY. 🙁

Alicia: “Why are you here?!”

That’s what I just said!

Alicia leaves instead of Charlie. Ok I guess? She unlocks a car that won’t open for some reason and falls in the mud. All this for Charlie. Dang.

Alicia wakes up inside, next to a candle. Someone brought her inside. I guess Charlie? Alicia is ticked off that Charlie brought her back inside and is now hiding in a bedroom, not talking. Alicia tells her: “My mom died saving me. Saving Nick. Saving everyone. Because you led Mel and Dennis to the place we built. Because you lied to us. And then you shot my brother. And I watched him bleed to death, and I couldn’t do anything but watch him die. Watch him realize he was going to die. 🙁 And it didn’t happen fast. He was aware. He was in pain. He knew you did it. He knew the person he tried to save killed him. And maybe that made him feel like his life didn’t mean anything. I can’t send you out there. If you’re in this house with me I’ll probably kill you…”

So Charlie pulls a gun out of her bag. UGH.

Alicia said trying to be like her mom is the only thing that keeps her alive, but she’ll lose that if she kills Charlie.

“You may be a kid Charlie, but you know what you did. And that makes you garbage. That makes you a waste of a person. Worse than something stumbling around out there, tearing into people.”

WOW. I wish someone told Zach from The Strain what Alicia told Charlie.

I wish someone told Zach from The Strain what Alicia told Charlie. #FearTheWalkingDead Share on X

She told her she hopes she grows to an old age and always remembers what she did and that she can’t ever make up for it.

Charlie is busy saving all the photos of the dead family, and Alicia’s ticked off at Charlie for not speaking.

Now they’re working together to board up the house. Alicia pulls Charlie inside, briefly feeling humanity, while all the walkers come to the door. They want inside. Not sure how they can hear them with all the rain and storming going on, but the walkers tracked them down somehow.

Charlie doesn’t want to give Alicia her coat, but Alicia is having none of that. Ohhhh, Charlie was hiding a gun in her coat! The one she killed Nick with!

Alicia reallllyyyyyy wants to kill Charlie now.

She sent Charlie out into the storm.

Now she sees something in the fireplace and I don’t know what the heck it is… Maybe a dead charred up bird? That she’s apologizing to? I think all she sees is a dead bird in the fireplace. I dunno.

Now Charlie is out on the roof walking toward the zombie hanging on a tree, and she’s going to let the zombie eat her, but Alicia saves her… EYE ROLL.

I don’t blame Alicia for being screwed up right now. But That doesn’t make Charlie any less annoying.

Charlie finally speaks! “Why did you save me? Is it because you wanted me to live with it, what I did?”

“I don’t know,” Alicia said. “But yeah, you’re going to have to live with it. You don’t get off the hook that easy. What did you think I was going to say, I saved you because I see something in you, because I forgive you? … That’s not true… Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re not gonna get it. Not from me. You have to live with what you’ve done.”

TRUTH Charlie! Just wish (once again) someone was that real with Zach from The Strain.

No Zombienado so far. 🙁

Charlie tries to talk to Alicia, but that’s not working. Charlie said she was supposed to go to Galveston with her mom and dad, spend the day on the beach and go to the boardwalk at night, visit the roller coaster… But then the apocalypse happened… Alicia tells her everyone missed out on things, without much sympathy.

Charlie said when she’s reading, she likes to close her eyes and try to see what she just read about, but she can’t find any books about Galveston. (Trust me Charlie, it’s not THAT great.) Alicia tells her the beaches are just places for the dead now.

Alicia wakes up to find Charlie gone. She’s in the bedroom again trying to rescue those darn photos. “I know I’m garbage but I’m doing this,” Charlie says, standing up for a random thing that’s not that great.

(If you’ve ever played This War of Mine, this kinda reminds me of what it might’ve been like in some ways…)

Derek has rightly pointed out to me that the pane of glass in the house should NOT be holding up against all those zombies, and never has before in the history of The Walking Dead.

That house's window should NOT be withstanding all those zombies all night long. #FearTheWalkingDead Share on X

Oh wait! About a minute after Derek made the comment, the window broke through!

Wait… Looks like the floor gave in or something an they fell into the basement. Maybe the staircase fell apart? Charlie and Alicia are now swimming in the basement.

Ohhhh, they’re stuck.

A cellar door could be their way out but it’s locked from the outside.

The basement is flooding and Alicia says they need to wait it out. But the water is rising fast and is up to their chests.

Charlie: “I don’t want to die… I don’t want to become one of them. I saw my parents after they turned. I didn’t think it was real, and they came back like that.”

Is there a good reason they can’t break through the floor? I mean, it might be difficult but why not at least try?

“‘I try to remember what they looked like before, but I can’t,” Charlie says… Dang it, now I’m feeling bad for her. 🙁 “I wish I had a picture of them. Do you still have the gun?”

Alicia says she can’t do it, even if Charlie doesn’t want to end up like them. She can’t bring herself to do it.

Now the cellar door is open for some reason.

Annnnnd, somehow the zombie falling from a tree onto a cellar door managed to unlock the cellar door and save them…. I don’t know. A Zombie Christmas Miracle?

The storm is over and they’ve buried the family. Alicia and Charlie are now friends.

“So, you’re good at finding things?” Alicia asks Charlie. Charlie answers yes. Charlie says that she can see Madison in Alicia, even if Alicia can’t.

And Charlie says again that she’s good at finding things, with a smile and some creepy background music I don’t understand.

They’re driving off into the sunset, and Alicia describes Galveston to Charlie so she can imagine it. Awwww.

Charlie is picturing herself in the Galveston water. “It’s really blue.” No, that’s not Galveston water. 🙁 Galveston water is green/kinda brown except on VERY rare occasions when it’s blue. But that’s so rare that they actually talk about it on the local news.

Charlie and Alicia arrive back at Strand’s house, the storm over.

They’re on the bridge and see a school bus knocked over. “We have to find them and help them,” Charlie says.

“We don’t know if they’re alive,” Alicia counters. “They’re gone.” (She’s talking about June and John, I think…)

“Charlie, things don’t get better and they’re not going to, they’re only going to get worse,” Alicia said. Then she says something weird that sounds like she’s advocating a double suicide, I don’t know.

And in the end, they decide they’re not giving up. The End.

To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed we didn’t get a zombienado after all. 🙁 *tears*

No Zombienado after all. 🙁 #FearTheWalkingDead Share on X
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