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Is Fear The Walking Dead Season 7B on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix?


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We are SO close to knowing what Madison is up to in season 7B of Fear The Walking Dead. As an AMC exclusive, you’ll be able to stream it there. But what about Amazon, Hulu, or even Netflix? We’ve got the details on how to stream FTWD Season 7B right here!

You Can Stream Fear the Walking Dead on Amazon

You can stream FTWD on Amazon Prime Video with an AMC+ subscription (including a short free trial) as well as on YoutubeTV. Trials and special pricing for new clients are frequently offered by the latter, so make sure to check if that is a possibility for you! So if Amazon Prime is your preferred streaming platform, then you’re in luck because there’s an easy way to access the show there. 

Fear The Walking Dead Can Also Be Streamed on Certain Hulu Services

You can also watch Fear the Walking Dead on Hulu, Sling TV, Roku, and other similar streaming platforms (like fuboTV, Apple TV, Vudu, and more.) If you have one of those subscriptions, make sure to check it out so you don’t miss Season 7B! 

There’s one caveat about Hulu though… It appears you can only watch Season 7 on Hulu if you have the premium service Hulu with Live TV. The regular Hulu subscription currently only has Fear through Season 6 in the United States. 

Is Fear the Walking Dead on Netflix?

What if you want to watch Season 7B on Netflix? In the United States, this is not an option. You’ll have to go with Amazon Prime’s AMC+ channel, AMC+ as a standalone, or Hulu with Live TV. In other countries, however, this might be different.

What Can We Expect in the New Season?

Since Madison’s ‘death’ was revealed in the mid-season finale of Season 4, fans of the show may be perplexed by Kim Dickens’ return to FTWD. Madison is shown near the end of the Season 7B trailer, making it appear like she survived the fire in which she had apparently died. Is this a re-enactment? Maybe it was all a dream? Is she, in fact, back? It would be a surprise to see her return as a villain, as was originally envisioned at the start of the series.

Do you want to watch Season 6 of the show on your own DVDs? The box set is available on Amazon for a very low price.

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