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When Will the Eighty-Six Dubs for Episodes 22 & 23 Be Released?


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The last two subtitled episodes of the Eighty-Six anime, Episodes 22 and 23, were beautiful. (You can see our review here.) But if you love the 86 English dubs as much as we do, then you’re likely wondering when the dubs for Episodes 22 and 23 will finally be released. Here’s what we know so far.

An Official Date Has Finally Been Announced

UPDATE: Episode 22’s dub is airing May 14 and Episode 23 is airing May 21, per Crunchyroll.

Original story below. 

The English dubs for Eighty-Six are notorious for releasing later than the subtitled episodes — sometimes months later. So if you were like us and really wanted the English dubs right away for the last two episodes, you were likely disappointed. Even though there was a three-month break while we waited for those last two episodes, it doesn’t mean the English dub versions are going to release any earlier. They will also have a long delay too. Historically, when an Eighty-Six sub episode was delayed, the English dub version typically experienced an equally long delay too.

While some dubs like Attack on Titan release their dubs about a month after the sub airs, Eighty-Six sometimes takes longer.

For example, the very first Eighty-Six dub (for episode 1) released on June 2021. This was three months after the subtitled version aired. So we have a lot of precedent for a three-month delay between sub and dub.

What does this mean for Episodes 22 and 23?

Well, Episode 22 premiered on March 12, and Episode 23 premiered on March 19.

This means that it could take as long as June 11 or June 18 before we see Episode 22’s dub. Yes, we might still have two more months to wait.

While there’s no guarantee that the English dubs won’t release sooner than that, June 11 or June 18 is safely a “latest date” for the first dub to release. But it still feels like ages away.

What About Season 2?

So far, there’s no word on whether or not the anime is renewed for Season 2.

Eighty-Six just hosted an anniversary party in Japan. Viewers were hoping for a renewal announcement, but it didn’t happen.

Although the Season 1 finale certainly looked like it was wrapping up the series, it wasn’t intentional. The show ended just like the light novels ended at that same point. And there are a lot of light novels left and a lot of new ground to cover if they want to continue the show. While we wait on renewal news, you might want to catch up by reading the light novels. We have all the details here.

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