Watch the Fallout Revelation TV Pilot You Must See

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Above is part 1 of a fan-made Fallout TV pilot.  The reviews and comments on the YouTube post are gushing over the film (and if you know YouTube commenters, that’s a pretty huge accomplishment.) Comments include: “Tell me where to throw my money!” and “This definitely deserves a TV series.”

“Well, this is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

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The video above is just Part 1 of 3 and it debuted at San Diego’s Comic-Con this weekend. Mechanical Cake TV made the video, and we’re still waiting not-so-patiently for parts 2 and 3. The fan-made video isn’t affiliated with Bethesda in any way, but we kind of wish Bethesda would fun the thing so we could have a compelling web series or (dare we dream) an actual Fallout TV series.

Here’s Part 2:

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