How to Pre-Order the Endgame Prequels (If you want to get the jump on everyone else)

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Do you know how to get the Endgame prequels? It looks Endgame: The Callinglike Endgame: The Calling isn’t the only book in the series currently listed on Amazon. Of course, we all know that there are going to be two sequels with even bigger prizes (one will be $1 million and one will be $1.5 million.) If you think the puzzles now are hard, I can’t even begin to imagine how tough the puzzles will be for THOSE prizes! But those aren’t the only new Endgame books coming out.

Right now, three digital Endgame Prequels are already listed on Amazon and available for pre-order. These have future publication dates (one as early as December) and aren’t yet released. However, if you want to get the jump on everybody else, Amazon is letting you pre-order the digital books now so they’ll be sent to you automatically, as soon as they’re released. Hmm…. Know someone who’s obsessed with Endgame? These might also make a good Christmas gift. Just a thought!

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2014-11-04 23_57_00-Amazon.com_ Endgame_ The Training Diaries Volume 1_ Origins eBook_ James Frey_ KEndgame: The Training Diaries Volume 1: Origins

If you pre-order the first book in the prequel trilogy, (you can order it right here), it will be sent directly to your Kindle on December 14. This means you don’t even have to think about the book or remember when it’s coming out!

Amazon describes this book as a digital prequel novella. It follows four players (Marcus, Chiyoko, Kala, and Alice) before they’re chosen to represent their lineages – before Endgame even starts. Now, will this book have clues that will help you get farther with the Endgame puzzle? I have no idea, but it’s hard to imagine they won’t.

Endgame: The Training Diaries Volume 2: Descendant

This one comes out on February 24, 2015. You can pre-order this one too and have it auto delivered to your Kindle the day it comes out. The description says it’s only available in the Kindle version, but if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on your computer or phone with a Kindle app.

Endgame: The Training Diaries Volume 3: Existence

volume 3 pre order

Volume 3 is also available for pre-order on Amazon (you can buy it by clicking here.) As you can see from the picture to the left, this one is going to be auto-delivered on June 9, 2015. There’s not a description for the book, just the title “Existence.” What do you think it will be about?


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By the way, if you’re still unsure about this whole Endgame thing, you can get a FREE Endgame excerpt here.

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