More Endgame and Stella Ancient Society Hints

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More Endgame and Stella Ancient Society ARG Hints

If you’re still following this one, I’m providing hints for two new puzzles and a link to one of her newer videos:


By the way, if you’re still not sure what all this Endgame stuff is about, consider buying the book from Amazon here! You can also pre-order the prequels for automatic shipping. I talk about it in this post.

Now on to two recent challenges!

Knife Puzzle (with answer!) 

The puzzle is posted here.


  • Binary anyone?
  • Right shift
  • Compare to last week

Solution: (Highlight to read)

Threat Puzzle

You can read the puzzle here.

Just a few hints:

  •  Fix the typo
  • Sonnet #123
  • Each is from a sonnet
  • Look at letter #s and line #s

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