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The Walking Dead and Carol: What happened in Season 5 Episode 4?

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What happened to Carol?

There are many theories right now about The Walking Dead and Carol. We’re going to highlight the best ones below, along with a few other important recaps… SPOILERS, many of them, are below, up to the latest episode about Slabtown, Season 5 Episode 4. Remember, you can highlight any part of the text in this post and automatically share it on Facebook or Twitter!

Beth’s really grown on me this past season, from the old days when it looked like she was flirting with Rick. (Remember that? Glad those days are OVER.)

Beth is freaked out - by Gene Page/AMC
(Gene Page/AMC)

The episode started out looking like some weird Grey’s Anatomy: The Post Apocalyptic Version, until it started nosediving into crazy. That happened around the time they sawed off that one woman’s arm. By the way, those handheld wire saws (like these on Amazon) are a good investment for the apocalypse. Seriously. We bought one recently and it really does saw down trees etc. with little effort. And, I guess it’s good to have on hand in case you get bitten by a zombie. 🙁 But you might also want some strong liquor. *Shudder*

Was Carol Really Injured?

At the end of the episode, we saw an unconscious Carol wheeled in on a gurney. Here’s my preferred, #1 theory:

Theory #1: Carol is faking it, Trojan horse style, and will rise and destroy everyone. 

It’s really hard for me to imagine that Carol, the bad-ass who single-handedly took down the entire cannibal eating station could get caught by a mere two guys & a car. It just doesn’t ring true. So my theory is that Carol and Daryl followed the car with the cross all the way up to the hospital, where they ran into Noah as he was fleeing. And Carol posed as an injured woman to get “captured” and brought in.

So who did Daryl tell to “come on out”? 

It depends on the timing. Daryl could have been telling Noah to come on out, and he’s about to take the rest of the gang back to the hospital to help (aka watch) Carol destroy it. Or maybe that scene took place after saving Beth, and he’s telling Beth and Noah to come on out.

Theory #2: Maybe Carol is hurt, but hurt or not she will be a Trojan horse who goes all bad-ass and cleans out that hospital. 

Carol won’t stay captured for long, even if she really is hurt. But does it really make sense that she and Daryl would somehow get separated or hurt while following one measly car? I guess theory #2 is a possibility, but I’m just not buying it.

Other Thoughts From Season 5 Episode 4

[Tweet “Hospitals are still driving people into debt, even after zombies. #TheWalkingDead”]

Looks like our debt economy is alive and well, even post-zombie civilization breakdown. Nice to know that Sallie Mae, hospital overcharges and other remnants of evil are still alive and well. 😉

[Tweet “Maggie is still the world’s worst sister. #TheWalkingDead”]

Yep, Beth is fighting to escape, believing people are out there looking for her… And Maggie is off to Washington D.C. with her new husband and not a single look back. :-/

Was the house that Beth and Daryl hid in actually a trap? 

This is another theory that we may never get an answer to. It was a mortician’s house, but was it also a trap set up by the hospital folks? A dog showed up, ran away, and later a ton of walkers arrived. Maybe the dog was trained to find humans (the hospital hunters), who then sent it zombies in order to flush out the prey. Seems a little bit of a stretch, but I like the idea of the tie-in.




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