Endgame Clues: Possible Future Sites?

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Endgame: The CallingJust a few more thoughts about Endgame clues that may or may not be helpful to your journey…

Certain demanding websites, including one connected to it, have phone numbers with interesting results if you dial them, like the C site and the U site. Have you done anything with ascension? Have you called any of these numbers? What happened?

Also, did you try plugging any answers into

In other Endgame research news, I did some digging and found what are likely to be sites that are “on hold” until certain dates. These sites are owned by the same people who own other known Endgame sites, but they are currently blank slates — placeholders that are waiting for content. Endgame itself stipulates that the puzzles will occur in stages and that you can’t win the prize if you skip over a few puzzles along the way. It also states that new clues will be released to people via email before they are released to the general public, so that people who solved puzzles first can move forward first.

I imagine these placeholder websites are serving the same purpose and maybe are Endgame clues. They won’t have content until a certain stage in the puzzle is reached. One of these possible placeholders concerns the tale of the black-eyed children. Have you heard of this? I can’t guarantee that this is part of the puzzle, but I think it’s a good possibility at least! You can read about the black-eyed children on this Wikipedia link. If it doesn’t end up related to Endgame, it’s still a pretty crazy concept that you might lose some sleep over!

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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