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Utopia Cast Reactions: Where to Find Them Now After the Cancellation

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(UPDATED with tons of new info!)We started following the show because it gave us an idea about how people might survive if they were isolated in a post-apocalyptic setting. Sadly, it only lasted two months… but now we’ve got the Utopia cast reactions along with a few ways you can stay updated on the Utopian cast as they assimilate back into the real world.

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In the meantime, here’s a directory of where you can catch up with the cast and some of their reactions to the cancellation.

Jon Kroll, the producer, posted some photos on his Twitter feed of the cast seeing the control room for the first time. Here’s one. (UPDATED link because the original link stopped working.)

Kristen Vanstrom

She’s been all over social media since leaving Utopia, including Instagram and Twitter. Here’s one of her first posts:

Kristen Vanstrom kristenvanstrom Twitter

Aaaron Thomas

First photo outside of Utopia, by Kristen:

His Instagram feed and a recent post:

mrmilitaryman on Instagram


Also on Facebook

Nikki Noce

UPDATE: On Twitter she was under the handle “@DrNikkiNoce.” Unfortunately, her account is no longer there.

Dr. Nikki Noce MD DrNikkiNoce Twitter


She’s also on Instagram she was under the title “DrNikkiNoce” and sent out this picture of her and Amanda after a farewell dinner with other Utopians. This account is now gone too.

Recently, she said she’s going to post a blog about Cal… Hmmm! That should be something to read!

Nikki blog about cal

UPDATE: You can still find her on Facebook, where she posts frequently, and on YouTube!

Cal aka Crazy Cal aka Cal Swangash aka Jason Deach

His commune farm, aka Nagdeo Farm. Maybe they’ll post some new info soon? Also, here’s the Facebook page for the book his communal farm wrote.

(UPDATED) He’s now on Twitter! He recently answered questions for Utopia Madness and started a new Twitter account on Nov. 6.

Also on Facebook!

NOTE: Nikki said she’s going to post a blog about him (see above.) Should be interesting!

Bella Chartrand (alias) 

She’s a marketer! Really hoping she starts a new Twitter feed or something soon. So far there’s a profile of her at the marketing company she works for and lots of older photos. She also has this Facebook page that hasn’t been publicly updated since 2013.

By the way, just for fun, here’s a clip of a movie she was in. It is WEIRD and I don’t get it. She appears at 1:15.

Pastor Jon

On Twitter

On Facebook

Dedeker Winston

On Twitter

Note: Her friend/boyfriend was keeping her feed updated, so don’t be confused when you see Twitter posts while she was in Utopia!

UPDATE: On Nov. 7 she posted a photo from a Utopia reunion party. 🙂

Dedeker Winston DedekerWinston Twitter

Bri Nguyen

On Twitter

Chris Tuorto (because he has to be listed on this blog right next to Bri, haha)

On Twitter

On Facebook

And Instagram

Ernesto Santana

Facebook   (sorry folks – looks like this FB is disabled, so we removed the link)

Dave (aka ex con) 

On Twitter

Hex Vanisles (aka Kimberly Brody)

On Twitter – but so far she hasn’t posted since May 2013

Also on Facebook

And Instagram

Josh Johnston

UPDATE: Now on Twitter.

Josh Johnston joshslcstud Twitter


And Facebook

Mike Quinn the lawyer

On Twitter

So far just a couple posts, like about being back in NYC and getting a haircut. Guess he won’t be meeting up with Dedeker any time soon? haha

michael quinn msqsp Twitter

Red the Hillbilly

On Twitter

On Facebook

Rob the Libertarian

On Twitter (UPDATE: currently deactivated, possibly because of so much hate he was getting. It used to be

But his Facebook is alive & well. (UPDATE: It used to be, but that’s gone now too.)

Amanda Scott (UPDATED)

She has a Facebook and is apparently friending people. 🙂

UPDATE: She also now has a Twitter account!

Taylor Vaughn

Info to come. Unless he’s hiding from the law. 😉

He has a Facebook account. Not hiding folks! 😀 He and Hex are talking about how they’re going to visit each other.  

Katie (the girl who talked too much lol)


James Swift

On Twitter

[Tweet “Check out this directory of the Utopia cast’s Twitter feeds! #Utopia @UtopiaGossip”]

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