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Who Is Dr. Jaeger on Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4?

Dr. Jaeger on Attack on Titan

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If you watched the Attack on Titan anime, Season 4 Episode 4, then you may be wondering who Dr. Jaeger is (or at least wanting to confirm what you already figured out.) We have the answer, with photos from previous episodes as proof.

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This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 4, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

Dr. Jaeger Is Eren’s Grandfather

If you watch Dr. Jaeger’s exchange with Eren closely in Season 4 Episode 4, it becomes apparent that he is Eren’s grandfather (and Grisha’s father.)

He starts out by saying: “I’m Jaeger, a physician for the zone. I come here to drink tea sometimes.”

You can see that Jaeger is wearing a red armband, which is reserved for people (and family members) from the Warrior unit who have become honorary Marleyans.

Jaeger talks to Eren about Falco. “His uncle was the leader of the Eldian Restorationists. Restorationists are sent to Paradise and not even their family is spared. To protect their family, he and his brother trained to be Warriors, and when his brother was chosen to inherit the Beast Titan, the Grice family knew they were finally safe.”

He then tells Eren that he doesn’t want him sending Falco on any more errands for him, because it will hurt all the hard work that Falco and his brother have done to keep the family safe.

“If he comes under suspicion, all their effort will have been for nothing.”

He then tells Eren that if he’s truly healthy, he should go home and see his family, because he may live with regret if he waits.

Eren asks him if he has regrets about his own family and Jaeger says: “There’s not a day that I don’t. That day my son took my daughter outside the walls. It’s because I was too strict about him becoming a doctor! It’s my fault! Everything was my fault!”

And we see this flashback of Jaeger when he was younger:


That’s when he starts screaming at the memory and quite literally loses his mind. Eren doesn’t seem shocked at all, as nurses run out to get him. Jaeger is a long-time patient there, even though he pretended to Eren that he was just visiting. We then see Eren looking quite morose after the meeting as he stares down at a baseball in his hand and the glove sitting next to him.

If you go back to Season 3 Episode 20, “That Day,” there’s a flashback where we see Grisha’s father after they learn that Fay, Grisha’s sister, was killed. And he looks exactly the same.


Grisha talks in that scene about how he saw his father demeaning himself to the Marleyans, and he says, “I began to hate that man and my father so much that it made me dizzy. But more so, I cursed my own foolishness.”

Grisha’s sister’s death and his father’s actions work together to push Grisha into joining (and eventually taking over) the Restorationist movement. His son Zeke (Eren’s half-brother) turned in his father and mother to the authorities, which spared himself and his grandparents from being named traitors too. As far as they know, Grisha and Dina were killed. They don’t know Grisha lived and fathered Eren in Paradis. Zeke later became the Beast titan, which earned his grandparents (and himself) the status of honorary Marleyan. But for Dr. Jaeger, is guilt over the deaths of his children is just too much and he’s lost his mind.

Eren did not give away that he was Dr. Jaeger’s grandson and that Grisha had lived. To do so would have been far too dangerous. He kept his emotions in check as he moved forward with his mission, undeterred.

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