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When is Daryl Dixon Episode 5 Airing?

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Daryl’s Parisian adventure has spanned four entire episodes, during which he’s crossed paths with some genuinely captivating individuals. Despite the feeling that the show has just started, we’re already embarking on episode 5!  Given this, you might be eager to know when you can reconnect with Daryl, Laurent, and the remaining ensemble in the upcoming episode. Below is the schedule for the release of Daryl Dixon Episode 5.

Daryl Dixon Episode 5 Airs Sunday on AMC and AMC+

The moment is approaching for AMC and AMC+ subscribers to watch episode 5 featuring Daryl Dixon. For AMC+ subscribers, you can tune in for the live stream at midnight Pacific time on Sunday, October 8th, or 3 a.m. Eastern time. Alternatively, AMC will broadcast the episode at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific. It’s worth noting that The Walking Dead and AMC have opted to maintain their early screening tradition, although Thursdays are no longer the chosen day for these previews. In early September, AMC+ utilized Twitter/X to respond to questions and engage with fan inquiries.

AMC on Twitter / X
AMC on Twitter / X

What Happened in Episode 4?

As we approach the conclusion of season 1 with just a single episode remaining in their journey, there are still many unfolding events ahead as Daryl and Laurent persist in their quest to safeguard France’s humanity. In the previous installment of TWD: Daryl Dixon, we witnessed Isabelle choosing to remain behind, dedicated to ensuring a secure path for Daryl and Laurent.

With Daryl and Laurent now on their own, the path to the Nest becomes notably more challenging. Previously, Isabelle and Sylvie had been Daryl’s sole guides on his journey to the Nest. However, they chose to remain in Paris to ensure Laurent’s safe arrival at the new destination. Despite his desire to find his way back home, Daryl willingly embraces this mission due to the exceptional importance of Laurent to Isabelle and the Union of Hope.

What is The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon About?

After leaving the Commonwealth, Daryl encounters a hostile group that seizes him and later transports him aboard a ship affiliated with an organization known as the Cause. His involuntary placement on this vessel is based on the belief that he might be a viable candidate for the Cause’s experimental projects.

However, a significant turn of events unfolds near the French coastline when Daryl successfully manages to break free from captivity. His actions escalate to the point where he foments a mutiny, causing extensive disruption to the Cause’s ongoing research endeavors. While making his escape, Daryl eventually finds himself on a rowboat, which eventually capsizes at a certain point in his journey.

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