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Catch an Alien on Your Ring and Win $1 Million

Ring device alien contest

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With all of the recent news about aliens and UFO (UAP) activity, it’s no surprise that home security system Ring now wants to be part of the circle by providing its own user-submitted extraterrestrial activities. Not only could you become viral with such a video, but Ring has made the opportunity into an official contest. Someone could win $1 million dollars for submitting actual footage of alien activity using their Ring device.

Ring Starts its Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials

The competition is exclusively available to individuals aged 18 or older who are citizens of the United States. Its objective is to capture “unmodified scientific evidence of an authentic extraterrestrial lifeform” using a Ring device. According to USA Today, Ring has announced that the grand prize, totaling $1 million, will be awarded in increments of $50,000 annually over a period of two decades to the single winner.

In a press release, Ring commented “Customers all over the world capture life’s unexpected and delightful moments through their Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras. Now, you could be rewarded for catching an otherworldly sighting, whether it’s a video of an Extraterrestrial walking (or flying?) up your driveway and asking for directions or an unidentifiable life form exhibiting unusual and extraordinary behavior in your backyard—submit your best footage!”

You can submit your entry on their website by November 3rd, 2023 11:59 p.m. to participate. You don’t need to make any purchases in order to submit your footage. At the time of writing this article, Ring’s website was not ready to accept submissions, stating “Please save your content for now. Our team is actively working to refuel the mothership.” Winners will be selected the week of November 6, and announced around November 20.

Ring Alien footage

According to Ring, a designated “Space and Extraterrestrial Expert” will assess all video submissions that adhere to the contest requirements and submission criteria. Their role is to determine whether the footage provides incontrovertible evidence of an extraterrestrial lifeform. 

In order to secure the grand prize, the extraterrestrial entity captured must demonstrate exceptional, remarkable, or inexplicable conduct, as stipulated by the official contest regulations. Additionally, the participant must provide a rationale for why the observed anomaly can be attributed definitively to extraterrestrial origins.

Contestants are also welcomed to provide their own staged alien encounter for a chance to win a smaller prize. To participate, all you need to do is capture and submit your most imaginative portrayal of an extraterrestrial encounter using your Ring device. By doing so, you’ll be competing alongside fellow earthlings for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card.

ring UFO footage

Their announcement on Facebook stated “Earthlings! As part of Ring’s Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials, we are offering a $1,000,000 Grand Prize for unaltered proof of Extraterrestrial life captured on a Ring device.

Do you think you already have what it takes to win the $1 million dollars? In any case, the chance of winning $500 by staging your own alien encounter sounds like a fun treat for Halloween!

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