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Dakota vs Charlie: Who Is Worse on Fear the Walking Dead?

Dakota vs Charlie

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There’s a lot of hate floating around for Dakota right now after the latest Fear the Walking Dead episode, and understandably so. I kind of hate her too. But this has brought up an interesting question. Is she WORSE than Charlie? I’m going to vote yes, but will everyone agree with me? I was so annoyed that I even made a poll about it.

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This article is about Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8, so it will contain major spoilers, along with major spoilers from previous seasons. Join our Walking Dead Facebook group to talk more about the show. 

Dakota’s Scene with John Dorie Was a Little Too Similar to Charlie’s Scene with Nick

John Dorie was at the end of his rope, but Morgan and Dakota arrived and convinced him to keep living just long enough to clear a bridge of zombies and help them find a route back to the new town that Morgan’s building. Of course, Morgan hoped this would renew John’s zest for living and that he could convince John to come back with him. In fact, he ended up sending Virginia to John’s cabin to force his hand.

But when Morgan was off screen, John and Dakota had a confrontation. John found the knife that was used to kill Cameron, and it was in Dakota’s possession. Dakota confessed, telling him that Cameron found out how she was escaping and put a stop to it. For that, she wanted Cameron dead. For that, she let Janis take the fall. And unable to trust anyone, she shot John in the chest and kicked him over the edge of the bridge.

Some fans have pointed out that John’s death has strong echoes of Nick’s death — another death that fans of the show REALLY hated (including me.) Both were killed by a teen girl overcome with fear. They even played the same music in the background during the death scene, fans are pointing out.

Another comparison: both actors were pretty much the best characters on the show when they were killed. 🙁

Fans HATED Charlie after she shot Nick. And now fans are HATING Dakota.

Pretty much all that’s left is whether or not we dislike Charlie or Dakota more. The show has gone through a lot of trouble to redeem Charlie and help us forgive her. Personally, I just can’t see that happening with Dakota, can you?

There are already memes on Reddit about Dakota. Here’s one shared by u/walterwhitechemistry.


I did have to throw in Zach from The Strain as an option, for those who have seen that show. He was quite literally the worst child character on a post-apocalyptic show ever, and I still have nightmares thinking about how that played out. Yikes. (If you’re not familiar with Zach, well, count yourself lucky.)

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