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Crunchyroll Post-Apocalyptic 2023 Anime Fall Lineup

Crunchyroll Fall 2023 Lineup

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No doubt about it, Crunchyroll’s Fall line-up is packed with some seriously cool post-apocalyptic and dystopian anime. They’ve got everything from gems like “SHY” to hits like “Dr Stone.” These shows dive deep into stuff like what makes us human, society’s craziness, and the fallout of our choices. So, come along as we take a trip through these wicked post-apocalyptic and dystopian anime on Crunchyroll’s Fall line-up. 

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Crunchyroll Post-Apocalyptic Fall Line-up

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September 29

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

After the hero party vanquished the Demon King and brought peace to the land, they retreated to lives of solitude. As generations passed, the elven mage Frieren confronted the impermanence of humanity. Taking on a new apprentice, she vowed to fulfill the final wishes of old friends. Can an elven intellect reconcile with the intricacies of life and death? Join Frieren as she embarks on her journey to uncover the answers.



In the midst of the 21st century, all warfare on Earth came to a halt. The world underwent a profound transformation due to the sudden emergence of “Heroes,” individuals endowed with supernatural abilities who ardently desire peace. In a world where each nation’s Heroes collaborate to preserve this newfound harmony, Japan’s guardian is a timid young girl named Shy, who grapples with extreme shyness.

Shy Crunchyroll fall 2023
Shy on Crunchyroll – Fall 2023


SPY x FAMILY Season 2

The fate of world peace hangs in the balance, and secret agent <Twilight> (also known as Loid Forger) faces his toughest assignment yet—assuming the role of a family man. Under the guise of a devoted husband and father, he’ll infiltrate an exclusive school to get closer to a prominent politician. His cover appears flawless, except for one detail: his wife is a lethal assassin, and neither of them is aware of each other’s true identity. There’s one person who does know, though—his adopted daughter, who happens to be a telepath.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special 

In a world overshadowed by the relentless Shadow Worlds, the majority of humanity lies in ruins. To avert their planet’s imminent catastrophe, six courageous heroes engage in a treacherous struggle… only to meet with defeat. However, a glimmer of hope emerges when Desir, one of the last remaining mages, is unexpectedly sent back in time 13 years! Equipped with foreknowledge of the grim future, can he reshape the course of history and rescue the world from its impending doom?

Crunchyroll Fall 2023 Lineup
Crunchyroll Fall 2023 Lineup – A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special


Dr. STONE New World Season 3 Part 2

The official synopsis reads “With the Stone Wars over, the former members of Tsukasa’s Empire of Might join forces with the Kingdom of Science to build a ship capable of sailing across open ocean to seek answers on the mystery of the global petrification. However, before they can begin their voyage Senku and his friends need to find some key resources and push some new scientific advancements to build the type of vessel they need.

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