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Chainsaw Man Episode 4: Live Countdown to Premiere

Chainsaw Man Countdown to Episode 4 (MAPPA)

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Chainsaw Man’s fourth episode drops on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. It’s a great way to celebrate the start of a new month! Last week, Episode 3 was a really entertaining episode that gave us more insight into Power, along with a great second look at Denji’s abilities. So when is Episode 4 premiering? We’re providing a live countdown below so you can know exactly when the episode drops in the U.S., and have less of a chance of being spoiled by other people. 

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Chainsaw Man Live Countdown Timer for Episode Four

In the U.S., the English sub for Chainsaw Man Episode 4 will premiere on Tuesday, November 1, at 9 a.m. Pacific on Crunchyroll and Hulu. In other time zones, that’s 10 a.m. Mountain, 11 a.m. Central, and 12 p.m. Eastern.

Fans are every bit as excited about this new episode as they’ve been about the first three. So of course, you’ll want a countdown timer you can keep running on your computer while you wait! Our favorite is the countdown timer that we created from TickCounter. We’ve embedded the timer below, and it should be fully responsive. That means that no matter what device you’re using (mobile, computer, etc.) it should adjust to be easily viewable.


You might as well leave this page up and running until the new Chainsaw Man episode drops. Then you can just glance at it whenever you want to know just how longer you’ll need to wait!

Remember: The episode releases in Japan about an hour before it releases in the U.S. So avoid social media during that time to avoid spoilers!

Backup Live Timer

Chainsaw Man (MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man (MAPPA)

If for any reason the timer above doesn’t work, we’re providing a backup below. This one isn’t our preferred timer because it isn’t responsive. So if you pull it up on a mobile device, you may need to switch your device to landscape mode to see it properly.

Remember: These countdown timers are for the subtitled episode. The dub for Episode 4 won’t come out for a few more weeks. The Episode 2 dub, meanwhile, is coming out on Tuesday too, but a few hours later. 

The timer below is from

There Might Be a Delay

Keep in mind that there could be a slight delay and the episode might release a little later than these countdowns indicate. That can happen if the servers are overloaded. This has happened on occasion on Crunchyroll. If you can’t load Crunchyroll or the episode doesn’t show up, check back in about 15 to 20 minutes later (sometimes an hour.) 

It can also happen on Hulu. If you don’t see the episode, go to Episode 3 and jump ahead to the very end. Then let it keep on playing after the episode ends and it might jump ahead to Episode 4 even if it’s not listed yet. 

Sometimes trying on a different device might work too, but not always. 

Chainsaw Man News

There are always news updates to share about Chainsaw Man! 

According to the official website for the anime, a “retrospective” of the first four episodes will be airing on ABEMA (a Japanese live TV streaming website) on Sunday, November 6, and twice on Monday, November 7. The link for the Sunday episode is here, and you’ll be able to watch it for 7 days for free after the broadcast ends. (To be honest, I’m not certain if they are simply re-airing all four episodes there for free, or if this is some kind of recap series that airs three times. Google translations are not always exact.) 

There’s also going to be some kind of pop-up shop and digital GPS rally commemorating the anime on the Tokyo Subway on November 1, the day the fourth episode premieres. The site notes: “Public Security is recruiting Devil Hunters! ? Clear this challenge and prove your talent as a devil hunter… Search for five senior devil hunters who are undercover at a subway station…” 

The game is at the subway and then the pop-up shop is at the first floor of Sunshine City Alta. It looks like this goes from November 1-November 28. It’s a little more complicated than that, but it sounds like fun! 

Chainsaw Man’s official website hasn’t provided a title or synopsis yet for Episode 4. The website tends to hold those details closer to the vest until just before the episode drops. 

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