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Bugout Bag for Cats: Helping Your Pet Survive an Apocalyptic CATastrophe

The other day, as I was looking for gift ideas on Amazon, I came across this amazing (or dare I say a-MEOWzing) gift. Friends, it’s a bugout bag for cats. It’s designed for helping your kitty survive emergencies like a fire, tornado, or the like. And honestly, it looks PAWsome.

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My husband Derek and I often disagree on whether we could take our beloved cat Mufasa with us during an apocalyptic bug-out situation. Derek says no, that it’s “illogical.” However, I kind of love the idea of having Mufasa on a little harness, bugout bag in my hand, taking him with us to capture rodents and keep bugs away. Don’t get me wrong, a dog would be far more logical and I’d love to have a dog with us (they even have a bugout bag for dogs here.) But the idea of my cat happily trotting beside me as we survive a post-apocalyptic world is just too cute to ignore. And yes, as soon as Derek sees this story on his website he will be rolling his eyes endlessly, haha.

So what does this Bugout Bag for Cats by Emergency  Zone contain? Well, it includes two cat folding dishes, six water pouches, two six-ounce helping of cat food, a litter tray, one helping of litter, a cat litter shovel, a light stick, a signal whistle, an emergency reflective blanket, a collar and leash (I’d suggest getting a harness as those are better for cats than leashes), a large nylon bag, a cat toy teaser and mouse (because your kitty still needs to be happy), a cat carrying case, and a cat blanket. It also includes a First Aid kit that includes a 53-piece first aid kit, a self-stick bandage, tweezers, trauma shears, nitrile gloves, a pet splint, sterile gauze, and a pet first aid book. :)

I would suggest adding some extra cat food rations for emergencies (yes, they exist and you can get them here.) And maybe some pet antibiotics and any other pet medicine your furry friend needs.

By the way, there’s a SECOND Cat Evacuation Kit that might be good to have too, this one by Ready America.

Cat Evacuation Kit by Ready America
Cat Evacuation Kit by Ready America

It’s a grab-n-go car evacuation kit to help keep your kitty safe. It includes five-year shelf life cat food, three water pouches, a pet water bowl, a cat collar with toy mouse, a cat litter pan and a bag of cat litter with a scoop, pet wipes, a pet ID tag, antiseptic cleansing wipes, a gauze roll, antibiotic ointment pack, nitrile gloves, and a pet carrier. So if you like to comparison shop, then check that one out too.

Ready America 77100 Cat Evacuation Kit
Price: $46.77
You save: $7.02 (12 %)
7 new from $46.771 used from $28.34

So if you want to give your cat a fighting chance and keep him with you, these are good survival bags to help you out. They’re also good to have for the more commonplace disasters, like escaping a fire or if a tornado ravages your neighborhood. Not all shelters take in pets too, so you might need to stay in your car or in a pet-friendly hotel, and you’ll be glad you have these supplies with you.

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Stephanie Dwilson started Post Apocalyptic Media with her husband Derek. Her favorite shows of all-time are Battlestar Galactica and Lost, and she's always happy to talk about her cats. :) She sometimes posts stuff on her personal
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