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California Ranks Last in Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023

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Shows like The Walking Dead and The Last of Us have proven many times that not everyone can deal with a zombie apocalypse or an outbreak of Infected. People chose the wrong humans to hang with, and some just don’t have enough knowledge on weapons or are active enough to make it through the first weeks. Preparedness is a huge factor in whether or not you would survive any sort of apocalypse, and when it comes to the undead, California ranks last in the Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023. Yikes.

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023

An online insurance comparison marketplace named Insuranks recently released their Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023 article, ranking states on how well they are prepared for a real-life zombie apocalypse. According to the website, California ranks last since The Golden State is least equipped to deal with an outbreak of zombies. In particular for individuals who live in close proximity to densely crowded places such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. Apparently, the more people there are in a state, the less safe it is, and that makes sense. However, with more people also mean more defenses. But as soon as one person would get bitten, imagine the havoc. Catastrophic, absolutely!

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023

First among the states in terms of preparedness to deal with zombies is Wyoming. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, it is probably in your best interest to not reside in a state with a large population, and a state in the western region that is characterized by its hilly terrain would be an excellent choice. Building your safe spaces higher on hills would be best for you to stay protected from zombies, and of course, other threats like people. You would have a better chance of surviving the apocalypse if you lived off the land and if you stocked up on weapons. At the very least, this would increase your chances of survival until a cure is found, or so they say. It’s more likely that in a zombie apocalypse, a cure would never be found. And if it were, it would take so long that most of everyone would be gone by then.

Zombie Apocalypse Google Searches

According to Insuranks, more and more people are looking for ways to stay safe during an eventual zombie apocalypse. They state “Nationwide, between March 2019 and March 2021, there was a 41594% increase in searches for “CDC zombie apocalypse,” a 2082% increase in searches for “preparing for zombie apocalypse,” a 1025% increase in searches for “when will zombie apocalypse happen,” and a 120% increase in searches for “apocalypse weapons.””

This is likely due to COVID-19 and the fact that so many people joked about the vaccine causing people to turn into zombies. Well, of course none of us did, but this surely helped the Google search results. This, and many other factors like the increase of zombie shows being so popular these past year. The Walking Dead, and its many spin-offs, are some of them. 

According to this graph, more than 1 out of 10 Americans believe that there will eventually be a zombie apocalypse. This accounted from people anywhere from 0 to 100+ years old. 11% of them also believe that a zombie apocalypse already exists. 

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023
Image : Insuranks

Personally, I don’t know if the 0 to 5 years, and even the 6 to 10 years old should have been part of this study, but here we are. More people between the age of 11 to 20 years old believe in an eventual zombie apocalypse with 18%, than the 31 to 40 years of age with a tiny 3%  of them believing that it is ever going to happen. 

Who Could You Kill In A Zombie Apocalypse

It’s uncomfortable to consider, but if you found out a loved one had been transformed, would you take their life? 66% of Americans think that they would, if given the opportunity. Personally, I don’t think I would be able to kill my own child even if they were turn, and I’m probably part of the statistics who would not survive a zombie apocalypse! But a boss, or a neighbor? I’m going down swinging!

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 2023

Would you be able to kill your pet, too? Oof! That is a tough one for sure.

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