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Did You Spot This Major Error in The Last of Us Episode 6?

The Last of Us Episode 6

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After Sunday’s episode of The Last of Us, entitled “Kin,” keen-eyed fans took to Twitter to sound off about a little flub that was missed during the show’s editing process. Did you spot the error, and the other big “prop” question that also went viral after the episode?

[Note: There will be spoilers for Episode 6 in this post.]

Some Fans Quickly Spotted a Mistake Missed During Editing

The Last of Us (HBO)
The Last of Us (HBO)

Turns out, some of the film crew can be seen standing in the corner of a snowy overhead shot. The crew members appear to be hiding near a bush with camera gear nearby.


In case the tweet gets taken down for any reason or doesn’t show up right on your browser, here’s a screenshot of Scott T. Jones’ tweet


This isn’t the only scene that people are questioning. On Reddit, u/Snaab says his wife is insistent that the horse in the final scene is a prop. However, one person in the replies said the horse “seems to twitch slightly,” so they think it’s real. What do you think? 

Apparently this question went viral and the editor even confirmed the horse is real.

Timothy Good replied: “Ha! So that is actually the real horse! We were concerned someone might feel the same so well spotted! but we didn’t want to change the horse’s performance for an arbitrary reason – Shimmer was somber and any movement in the frame would have taken your eyes off our duo. ❤️❤️”

This Isn’t HBO’s First Time

While HBO has yet to respond to the fans about this error, you may remember that this is not the first time some type of behind-the-scenes prop was left in an HBO show. During the fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ final season, a coffee cup was mistakenly left in a shot. And while the presence of that cup resurrected a whole new set of conspiracy theories concerning the possibility that Game of Thrones was actually set in a post-apocalyptic future, it was just a simple editing mistake.

“I think in Persian rugs it’s tradition that you make a little mistake when making the rug because only God can do anything perfect,” Showrunner David Benioff joked at the time. “So for us, I guess that just was ours.” Partner DB Weiss added: “That’s why I put the coffee cup there… Conscious, concerted statement of our imperfection.”

ET Canada reported on it in the video below.

Here’s a screenshot of that iconic HBO moment in case the YouTube video doesn’t play.

Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones
Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones (HBO)

HBO later edited that episode to remove the coffee cup, so we can’t help but wonder if they’ll do the same for this episode of The Last of Us.

Scott T. Jones, who found The Last of Us error, referenced the Starbucks cups in a later tweet. 

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