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Here are Some of the Best The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes

The Walking Dead Halloween costume

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Halloween is at our doorstep and just like our Chainsaw Man Halloween costume article, we’ve compiled a few suggestions for you, along with useful links, so you can simply choose the finest The Walking Dead Halloween costumes. You might have gotten your inspiration from one of the many episodes released this year, or you might be at a complete loss. Well, we’ve got your back! Read below and check the links for your complete costumes.

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Best Walking Dead Halloween Costumes

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead (AMC)

The Walking Dead’s last part of the final season premiered on October 2, and we are so fully mixed with roller coasters of emotions. Will it be enough? will we need more? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, it is going to be hard to say goodbye to this series.

With Halloween approaching, here are some suggestions to represent your favorite characters from the show. However, double-check the delivery dates in your location to ensure that you have your things in time for the 31st of October!

Walker/Zombie Costume

Maybe you just want to be a walker and that is absolutely fine. Nothing wrong with wanting to be gross-looking on Halloween, that’s exactly how to do it! Get this mask and get ready to scare your friends and have some running.

The Walking Dead Halloween costumes

Daryl’s Jacket for a Costume

Of course one of the show’s favorite character’s most famous jacket is a must-have when it comes to dressing up as Daryl Dixon! You might not have a cool motorcycle (or maybe you do!) but you’ll at least be able to ride the night in style!

The Walking Dead Daryl

Child Zombie/Walker Costumes 

Not a fan of masks but prefer wearing a full suit? Have your kids be your mini walkers! This costume is perfect for any kids who want to be scary on Halloween night and be your accompanying walker.

The Walking Dead walker costume

Alpha Costume

Wear an Alpha mask along with your kids and the costume is even more believable! Walk amongst the walkers safely, always.

The Walking Dead Alpha mask

Carol Costume Ideas

 If Carol is one of your favorite characters, you might want to consider getting this long grey wig and simply tie it back in her style. Long-haired Carol is best badass Carol!

The Walking Dead Carol Wig

Negan Costume Ideas

This one is a pretty expensive one, but you’ll have it forever and you’ll be able to play as Negan for the rest of days! Get your very own Lucille bat, complete with blood stains.

The Walking Dead Lucille Bat

And of course you’ll never get the complete fit without THE vest! With the bat combined, you’ll be able to excuse your French without excusing your French.

The Walking Dead Negan Vest

The Walking Dead Halloween costume

Of course, there are many other characters you can play: Michonne, Rick, Connie, Gabriel, and Maggie, just to name a few. 

Have you ever cosplayed as any of The Walking Dead characters? Show us your tweets, your grams, and your tiks and toks! 

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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