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How to Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 Online for Free

Watch The Walking Dead S11 Part 3

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Oh boy, here we go. These are the last days of The Walking Dead as we know it. with Part 3 of the final season now at our doorstep. We’re ready with our tissue boxes, our popcorn, favorite snacks, and, of course, more tissues. Many tears will be shed! Get ready for an emotional roller coaster. Here is some information on how to watch The Walking Dead Part 3 online for free!

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You Can Watch the Part 3 on AMC+ for Free

On October 2, AMC will begin showing the eight remaining episodes of the long-running series’ 11th and last season. This will be the series’ final season. What a long ride for The Walking Dead fans. Some of the ways for you to watch the show for free are below.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, Prime Video will give you a free trial of AMC+ for one week, and you’ll be able to stream the entire AMC+ catalogue on any device that meets the requirements for Prime Video (30-day free Prime trial). If you do not cancel your AMC+ subscription before the conclusion of the free trial, you’ll have to start paying a monthly subscription fee. You can cancel anytime.

The Walking Dead
Credit: AMC

In the event that you do not already have a Prime Video membership, the service provides a free trial period of 30 days. The free trial provides access to all of the perks that come with an Amazon Prime membership, including free two-day delivery, Prime Music, and many more features.

If you plan on getting AMC+, you can get a free trial for 7 days. When the season ends, and if you want to watch the entire season for free, you’ll have to activate that free trial later for your binge-watching purposes. 

Watch The Walking Dead free
Credit: AMC

You can also get a free trial through YouTube TV. If you are a new YouTube TV user, you can register to get the 60-day free trial. That’s two whole months! If you plan on continuing your YouTube TV service, The Base Plan costs $64.99 per month and provides access to more than 85 channels including live sports, news, and entertainment in both English and Spanish.

If you’ve got a Roku, you can get a free trial to the AMC+ bundle which features the best of AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV, plus IFC Films Unlimited, Shudder, and Sundance Now, ad Free and On Demand. 

Are you planning on binge-watching the final part of Season 11? Or are you like some of us who absolutely need to watch the episodes as they air? Let us know!

After the final season (sometimes referred to as The Walking Dead Season 11c) is over, we’ll still have a lot of spinoffs to look forward to. There’s the Maggie & Negan spinoff, and the newly announced spinoff starring Rick & Michonne. We already just finished the first of the new spinoffs: Tales of the Walking Dead.

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