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Best Last-Minute Ideas for the Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes

post-apocalyptic halloween costumes

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Hold on, wait a second. We’re already more than halfway into October?! Uh oh. Cue panic mode! This means that Halloween is right around the corner, and if you haven’t chosen a costume yet, we’ll help you find one! Of course, we’re all for the post-apocalyptic theme around here, from movies to video games, so here are some of the best last-minute ideas for the perfect post-apocalyptic Halloween costume!

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Best Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead (AMC)

One of the biggest hubs in the TV series post-apocalyptic genre this year has been The Walking Dead. The final season is happening right now, and many spin-offs have been announced, with some having aired already. Regardless of which The Walking Dead version you prefer, here are some costume ideas.

Walker Costumes Ideas

The Walking Dead Halloween Costume

Walkers have been part of The Walking Dead universe since the beginning. Of course, I mean, it IS called THE WALKING DEAD. So regardless of which season, spin-off, or episode you aim to be part of, or join a friend in a TWD combo costume, Walkers will always be a win. There are many costumes out there on Amazon (to get the fastest shipping options!) so chose wisely! We think that this mask speaks true to TWD universe. 

Best Costumes for the Wastelands

Or maybe you’re most of a wastelander type of person. We’re thinking about Fallout games, Mad Max, or even any steampunk wasteland-themed movies. You can’t go wrong with these accessories!

scarf Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes 

The wasteland scarf! To protect you from all of the sandstorms, or even to hide your identity during a face-to-face deal. Scarfs have been known to be pretty popular in post-apoc movies. Not only will this scarf be useful for your costume, but it’ll serve you way beyond October and into the cool winter nights. That’s a win-win if we can see one!

The Wasteland Gas Mask

Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes 

Look pretty stylish and ready for what a post-apocalyptic world can bring with this steampunk gas mask! Of course this isn’t a real one. We’re talking Halloween costumes over here. However, your friends and family will most likely be pretty impressed with this mask, adorned with your favorite leather-type gear. There are many other types like the one below using the same link, so choose your favorite!

mask Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes

Faux Leather Arm Guards Accessories

To complete the costume above, or your next idea! These arm guards will complete any costume. Whether it’s to protect against zombie bites or look pretty nifty in the end of times, those are a must-have!

Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes 

Best Fallout Costumes

The Fallout series has been a huge hit for many years, and it clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Get your Pip Boy ready for Halloween!

pip boy Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes 

Not to be confused with the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion. The opulent Pimp-Boy 3 Billion, a handcrafted variant of the ordinary Pimp-Boy 3000A, is made of pure gold and adorned with diamonds. something that definitely won’t be available on Amazon, nor would it be available on time for Halloween! And most certainly out of budget.

Post-apocalyptic halloween costume


Combine this accessory to this Vault Dweller outfit, too! 

vault dweller 

Or maybe you’re the kind of Fallout character that wears a Ranger Helmet instead? A tiny bit pricey, but definitely a must-have for any Fallout fans!

mask fallout Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes 

If all else fails, you can actually BECOME the Pip Boy and be the coolest character out there.

pip boy Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes 


Don’t Forget the Children!

A family that Halloweens together stays together! Get your children the perfect combo to spend the end of times in a cozy family environment! Or something along those lines.

Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes  

Avoid it Like the Plague

Maybe we didn’t survive most of the plague. What would have come of our fashion? Those lonely plague doctors out there would have had the coolest post-apocalyptic outfits, that’s for sure!

Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes  

If you’re looking for tips on how to create your own post-apocalyptic props for Halloween, our very own Shawn had made his own tutorial on how to distress a wasteland gun. Check it out!

Do you know what you’ll be wearing? What’s your costume going to be like this year? Let us know!

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